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Europe Ski Fields - paging snow bunnies

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Sup ya'll

    Coming from someone who has never Skiied or Snow Boarded, I have a few questions to those in the know. Google really isn't helping either as everyone will promote their own.

    Anyway, my questions; Ski Resorts, Ski towns, Snow towns, whatever they are called, where are the best ones? What I'm looking for is a full on party town, preferably younger people, lots of night life, and preferably somewhere with good slopes for snow boarding (I wanna get into that, looks fun).

    Now the reason I'm asking is because I'll most likely be working a live-in job, pub bar or ski resort etc, and fact is, every live-in job I've seen pays shit (or not at all) and the 'accomodation' is extremely basic. But hey, the price you pay as a backpacker!!

    So, who knows any good resorts in either the Austrian, Swiss, Frence or nearby Alps? Or Sweden, any goodies in Sweden? I like Stockholm and Swedish people.

    Yeah, cheers for the info... I have to start looking around these towns soonish cause I kinda went over budget in Berlin. So yeah, need to resettle...

    ta in advance...

  2. Thanks buddy but not quite, that forum has little to do with European Ski fields/resorts as asked above...

    Anyone with any personal experience over there?
  3. Browny Browny Browny, strap ya boots on ya cahn :-s coz kansas going bye bye.:bolt: Prepare for time of your life. Ok France you some truly amasing skiing with places like trois or 3 valleys. Lots of steeps, highways, bumps, bla bla bla, you can technically ski whole season without doing same run twice.
    Corchevel is bitchin, real party town, so many resorts in France it aint funny.

    Austria is same, one big ski resort linked by towns and roads.
    You have St Anton as the pinnacle. Did a season there in 2001. Largest resort in Austria. Go to Lech if your want to marry a European princess or prince :bannanabutt: depending on which way you swinging now days Browny 8-[
    If you want the more local feel, you can do Austria's ski welt-largest linked lift area in Austria. Like 10 Falls creeks and hothams linked together.
    Italy you have the Dolomites and the Dolomiti super ski pass, with largest amount of lifts in Europe, 400 and something.

    You have numerous English tour operators (Mark Warner, Neilson, heaps of them) who hire chalets and hotels all over European alps for the season and staff it with english speakers and english tourists come stay. Thats who I ended up working for as maintenance man in 100 bed hotel. 14 staff. Had an absolute ball.
    Depends if you want the local feel or the tour operator field. I have an old boss who managed hotels there for last 10 seasons and her boss who is FB friend still who was European chalets operations manager for big ski companies. Can ask them if you want? It can be lot harder to rock up and try your luck for bed and job. Most operators will give you bed, board, ski hire and seasons pass, and throw in a measly few pound as compensation.

    This is a top site that has more info than you can possibly handle.

    That enough info for you:beer:
  4. When I was over there nearly 20 years ago now (far canal!), the Czech Republic / Slovakia was dirt cheap. The beer is great and Eastern European women are hot...

    Dunno what the skiing is like though - I skied in Austria, can't remember the name of the place - but it wasn't far from Innsbruck. It was bloody amazing (and expensive).
  5. Chamonix in France. And if you are keen on Sweden, have you considered Norway, if so, there is Lillehammer.

    Jealous. Wish I could go. Enjoy.
  6. Everywhere in eastern europe is still dirt cheap, just watch your bankcards, skimming is rife everywhere.
  7. au contraire!

    many of it's members are working or have worked in European ski fields.

    a simple question in that forum will yield a lot more useful results.

    i've done back to back seasons in AU as well as in the US. not a bad lifestyle for when you are young and carefree.
  8. I have been to chammonix and also to whistler in canada. I would say that cham is very good, the snow is great, but its very alpine, as in no trees and its very much a resort for people who wish to just ride where ever they want, its not like canada and australia where you ahve your montain with very distinct runs that all filter down to lifts. its pretty much, go up the top and find your way down and enjoy. It also has a very amazing village, lots of fun apres and bars as well as great (and i mean amazing) restoraunts that all use local produce as well.

    Highly reccomended. Bit out of the way, you need to get a shuttle bus/private hire car from geneva to get there the most efficient way, to get to geneva you need to get a domestic flight from say paris or london, or perhaps fast train such as TGV.

    Sorry for the terrible writing, im really hungover and i cbf.

    if you go cham, get the unlimited pass and head over to courmayur in italy on the other side of the mt blanc tunnel, it is very very nice and the italians are a nice change from the french.
  9. I worked in Kitzbuel for three years. In Austria.
    If your parents, parents are not poms or you are not on some sort of exchange program It's one of the last bastions for us chain draggers. (one of the few places left in Europe that will let us come in and work)
    I friggen loved it. Ski all winter and mountain bike all summer down huge steep runs. Just friggen awsome.
    It's opretty easy to get work but you will need to go now.
    My first year I was hunting work In October. If you leave it later than that you will lose your chance at the good jobs.
    You get your job then go to the Arbietsumpt to get your work visa happening then go away and travel till they want you to start.
    If you leave it till there is snow on the ground you will be hard up getting a job. And the ones you get will be sucky.
  10. Awesome awesome awesome!!

    Thanks for all the info guys you have given me something to start my search on and narrow down. Sorry for the late reply but Prague has had me distacted; knee deep in it and $1.40AUD for 0.5L of Czech Beir!!

    I'm curious on this Sweden / Norway Ski fields now, I've always pondered and wanted to work in a bar in Stockholm, so maybe a ski resort somewhere in the land of Alk's is a two-birds-one-stone deal...

    Tonight hopefully some research can occur, before I return to the UK and finish my little travel jornt.

    thanks again...

    Oh and to anyone travel planning; forget western europe, east is where it is, everything so frikking cheap!!
  11. Change of subject, but are you going | have you been to Turkey?

    It is a definite "must see" - and try to get to the east as well - Just Nemrut Dağı by itself is worth the trip, but the whole area is amazing...
  12. Brownny lives! Just when I was thinking you might have shacked up with that scandinavian honey, you're off to have a crack at slightly more frigid chicks!

    Sic 'em Rex ;)
  13. Lolwtfbbq??!! Hahahaha... I'll be searching for another... The previous one claimed in a drinks catch sesh in Stockholm July that she personally knows Ghost Rider, and that he's short, and that only a few people actually know his idenity. Hmmmmm okaaayyyyyy

    Jazz; haven't been yet but money is saying after Budapest I best head back to the UK and work a temp job to sustain myself until I sort out this new venture...

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd