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[Europe] Cannonball Run bikers caught in Switzerland

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,22291738-5005961,00.html

    Cannonball Run bikers caught in Switzerland
    From correspondents in Switzerland

    August 22, 2007 09:55pm
    POLICE in Switzerland today detained about 20 foreign motorcyclists caught riding at more than 200km/h in what appeared to be a trans-European "cannonball" bike run.

    Two of the bikers forced their way through a police roadblock in southwestern Switzerland but were later caught on the Simplon mountain pass, which leads into Italy, the Valais regional police force said.

    The others were stopped in two different locations in the region, and their motorcycles impounded, police spokesman Jean-Marie Bornet said.

    “They wanted to get to Slovenia today. Well, they won't reach Slovenia today,†Mr Bornet said.

    “We have zero tolerance for this. There's no way that we'll tolerate this kind of stupid behaviour.â€

    The group, from Britain, Denmark and New Zealand, will be questioned by an investigating magistrate before being released later today, he added.

    Mr Bornet said the motorcyclists were spotted by other motorists weaving along a motorway at very high speed after leaving the Swiss city of Lausanne earlier in the morning.

    They were also seen speeding through villages.

    “There was a concrete danger, this is not something abstract,†he added.

    Police were also examining equipment including video cameras on some of the motorcycles and were expecting to press charges of serious road offences including dangerous driving.

    Some of the motorcycles carried numbers and stickers indicating they were part of a “cannonball bike run,†Mr Bornet said.

    A website said to give details of the run dubbed “the third crusade†from August 21 to 27 gave no indication of the route.

    It promised an average of nine hours a day of “intense riding†for national teams on the “very best mountain and backroad rotesâ€.
  2. i guess that's the problem with these annual runs...
    the roadblocks just get bigger each year

    so 20 got nabbed, and are likely fcuked, there's still another 80-100 riders who got through. Through to the roadblocks in the next country, anyway
  3. Police will have a field day with the videos that were being taken before things came to a shuddering halt :LOL:.
  4. the interesting thing that appears to me about the gumball and cannonball rallies of the past is that it doesn't tend to be the loud flashy high speed guys that win. It is the ones who are a little more prudent so they don't get pulled over (as much) and don't have to stop for fuel as regularly.

    They might as well just call it a high speed dash and put it on a stretch of deserted highway with some fake cops for entertainment and leave them be.
  5. The thing with the Gumball at least (can't speak for this bike Cannonball, never heard of it before) is that it's not supposed to be a race, with a clear winner being the first person to arrive at the finish. If they'd done that, it wouldn't have last 2 minutes after thye public found out. As it stands, they're stuggling to keep it going just calling it a 'rally' where the goal is merely to reach the checkpoints.
  6. They are crazy to ram barriers and stuff like that, in my eyes they have the balls and no regard for others or their own life
  7. The article mentions nothing of the sort. icon_naughty.