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Europe by Bike...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by BugEye, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm going to Europe next year and am hoping to do a bike tour across it.
    The initial plan is to start from Poland and zig zag across to UK.

    I'm not sure if I should hire or just buy something second hand?

    Ther is OZALps who do a good 12 day ride through some countries but I'd like the option to be able to stop somewhere for a few days if I like it there.

    Any one done something like this?
    any suggestions?

  2. Dzien dobry. I had exactly the same trip planned, starting in Poland and finishing in England. I pulled out at the last moment due a wrist injury.

    Bike hire in Poland is very difficult: the only place I even came across was in Warsaw: nothing in Krakow or anywhere else. 50cc scooter's, sure, but no motorcycles.

    If you start in Germany and use Poland as a seperate leg, you have basically your pick of any motorcycle. Beamers, Hondas, etc.

    Take warning as to the quality of drivers over there. Poland and France has some of the most horrific driving I've ever had to endure. Indicators are completely optional, merging is done for any gap, red lights are just suggestions when to stop, and if they don't kill you the road surfaces will.

    Don't travel at this time of the year: keep it for European summer. Otherwise you have to content with hard rain, snow, bitter cold and very short daylight hours (the worst part).
  3. Have you considered having your own bike shipped to the UK and using it for your trip??

    Depends on length of your trip - if it's only 2 weeks get a hire bike. If it's longer than 2 weeks it becomes progressively cheaper (per day) to have your own bike shipped over.

    No, but we have dozens of clients who have - if you're serious I could put you in touch with some of them.
  4. No, I didn't even think of that
    Had a qick look around and it costs about $1200 one way
    not too bad
    But what about rego? can I get a temp pass? across all European countries?

    I want to do it at least over 3 weeks but 4 is also an option

    I've also been thinking about just buying one there
    and sell it when I'm finished

    But I kind of like the idea of having my own bike there :)

    Thanks for the idea Dave
  5. Our cost is $3180 return including Marine Insurance, Customs Clearance & Quarantine inspections and all the legalities to be on UK & European roads.

    You can ride your bike on it's Aussie plate for up to 3 months in any UK or EU country using your Aussie licence for up to 3 months in each country.

    Not sure what you mean by this. A Carnet is not necessary. Insurance is.

    We can organise Fully Comp Insurance with Breakdown cover for the UK and all EU countries. Not expensive.

    4 weeks is viable as compared to a hire bike. 8 is better - our clients mostly have 8 to 10 weeks in Europe.

    This can be the most cost effective method but only if you can get insurance for it. All UK & European insurers I know of won't insure local bikes for overseas riders.

    Me too. Maggie and I have taken our bikes to the UK several times and had a ball. Next year we're thinking of touring Europe.

    No worries, just happend to see your thread and thought I could offer you an option.
    Drop me an email (dave@getrouted.com.au ) if you want more info on our UK Bike shipping service.
  6. Hi Bug, I just did the ride in reverse kind of, I was over there to see friends.. see other post on germany etc, I had a DR650se, good for all i did, Autobahn, dirt, light sand / mud etc, cost 700 Pounds, (uk), all the stuff into my name ab out another 45pounds, then 70 pounds for 4 weeks insurance, PM me if you need info on that side of things, ferry into Uk was 25 pounds, i paid more so i could change the dates, (60 min travel time), fuel was up around 3 EU dollars, um, other info give me a hoy, I took some tools, picked up some stuff tape, zip ties etc, ups and downs along the way, but all good... :)
  7. PM sent
  8. Keep in mind if you buy a bike, you will have to sell it (unless you bring it back). This usually takes weeks, so with the time pressure at the end of a trip it may mean you taking a lot less than what it is worth.

    So try and make arrangements with a bike shop. Either they rebuy the bike back off you, or they sell your bike for a commission.

    Either way it's going to be cheaper than hiring but not as cheap as if you had time to sell it.

    Weigh that against the cost of taking your own bike.

    Also keep in mind there are odd rules throughout Europe. At one time a foreigner couldn't buy a bike in Italy for example. Also, even if you can buy it, how do you get it in your name and registration etc? All questions that need to be answered.
  9. Realistically, how much would one need to budget to do something like this for say 3 weeks?

    Ive seen various companies doing tours through Italy and France etc, and their prices are roughly $4k Euro for like a 16 day tour. Plus fuel and spending money, food etc. Accommodation is included in that price.

    Im just starting to look in to doing something like this and the tours sound great but the freedom of doing it on your own would be pretty good too. Stop where yo uwan to stop and piss off when you want.

    Excluding flights, what sort of $$$ would one need to budget to do a Euro tour and hire a bike and accommodation etc etc. Would 10K be enough for a few weeks?
  10. Friends of ours kept a diary of every dollar they spent last year - they were 10 weeks in the UK, Ireland & Europe and spent just under $19,000 including return airfares for 2 people and bike shipping - Sydney to Felixstowe & return, plus all their accommodation & food & drink.

    They've decided to do it again in either 2010 or 2011....subject to getting enough leave from work.
  11. I might be doing a tour next year in summer too.
  12. I'm also planning a six month tour of europe from April - October 2010 when my long service kicks in. For that length of stay l would prefer to take my own bike over, the option of buying something in the UK or Germany sounds good but l need to work out the insurance side before making a decision.

    I'll keep a keen eye on this thread to see how you go with everything.
  13. My wife and I have just returned from Europe and we did a tour with this company adriaticmototours They will also hire.

  14. on the selling the bike option, the guys i purchased from in Cambridge UK, sell bike son a commision thing, the bke I purchased was one for a brother of a sister in law or sort of thing.. I can get your there details if you like... al