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Euro standard on motorcycle guard rails by next summer

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twistngo, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. pinched from MCN. of course it won't be as effective as more speed cameras.

    A European-wide standard for roadside barriers which takes into account motorcyclists’ safety could be established as early as summer 2010, according to the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA).

    Until now European crash-barrier standards have included impact tests for cars but not motorcycles. FEMA hopes a new standard including motorcycle impact tests will be in place by next June after agreeing it with a group of technical experts at the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN).

    The standard would require road barriers to protect motorcyclists, for example with an additional lower guardrail to prevent riders colliding with upright supporting posts.
    FEMA spokesman Hugo Roebroeck said the “first step towards the adoption of a standard for guard rails that protect motorcyclists” had been taken in a meeting with technical experts from European member states at CEN’s headquarters in Brussels on November 27.

    He said the standard needed to go through a further approval stage “which in turn will allow its adoption” by a CEN technical committee “during its annual meeting at end of June in Prague.”

    He added: “We’ve been campaign for 20 years for this and we’re very close to an outcome.”

  2. It's a rare day when the European Government :)roll:) makes a sensible decision on anything....
  3. And this comes hot on the heals on a report in the Herald-Sun about Victorias "most dangerous open roads". The RACV is calling for WRBs to be installed everywhere. No mention of motorcyclists at all, despite one of the accident scenes in the paper showing one where a rider died on New Year's Day near Bairnsdale.
  4. FEMA get things done

  5. RACV can lick me where I pee.
  6. <sarcasm>Yay. More WRBs. Only because we don't face enough hazards as riders. </sarcasm>

    There's only one reason for installing cheese cutters and that's bottom line cost in regards to installation and repair. What appears to be forgotten is the flow on costs that occur when a motorcyclist meets this type of barrier. The additionally registration levy that Victoria lumps on riders should be paid to the MRA thus providing a voice so that these issues might see the light of day
  7. What if the recent massive increase of WRB installations is due to this news?
  8. My view. WRBs are welcome. I support WRBs. As long as they have underrun protection and wire-level protection installed... Til then,

  9. I thought that maintenance costs on them were high.

    Anyway, when a WRB has been impacted and the posts bent or snapped off, they have to remove the stub which is set in around 400mm of concrete (including the depth of the post hole and the strip).

    There would be a fair bit of work to repair them, wouldn't there?

    I had the chance recently to observe their installation on the Princes Freeway. Traffic was at a standstill and I got to have a fairly close look at how they're done.