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euro bikes vs japanese bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by grug012, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Hi

    First of all, great forum, I've learnt alot reading through some of the posts. I'm going for my 2day HART training and my L's soon.

    I'm going to buy my first bike as well and obviously weighing up my options.

    One thats been bugging me is maintenance costs on a POS (Piece of shit) compared to a new bike. I heard if you buy a old POS, you have alot of maintenance costs that it would have all added up to the cost of a new bike anwyay.

    Also, are euro bikes, say Aprilia, maintenance costs more expensive compared to say Honda?

    PS. I'm weighing up my options in buying a CBR125, 250 (r or rr), or Aprilia RS125.

    Any help is much appreciated!! :grin:
  2. depends which old POS and which new bike.

    In the case of a new cbr125 vs an old cbr250, there is about $500-1k between a good second hand 250 and a brand new 125.

    But say in the case of my old cbr900, i got it for 3,500k and it was run down when i got it. I've done about 10,000kms on it since i've got it and i've spent about $1,200 (new chain, sprockets, tyres, pads, service etc) and its going to need a clutch soon (about $300 if i do it myself).

    I reckon every 5-10,000kms i'll need to throw some coin at it. Plus because its worth nothing, theres no need to get full comp insurance (2k per year for me).

    In my case I do heaps of kms (done 10,000 in the last 6 months) so i'd rather chuck the odd $500 at my bike and ride the wheels off it than be devaluing a brand new R1 faster than i can pay it off.

    Everyones situation differs though. You need to ask yourself
    - how many ks are you going to be doing on it?
    - do you need full comp insurance?
    - can u buy the bike outright or will you be paying it off?
    - are you a learner? is there a realistic chance you could damage it?
  3. If I were starting riding, I'd be buying Japanese, first of all. Got enough to think about without adding more to the mix.
    Not all Eurobikes are unreliable, but many have issues with parts supply (and cost).
    An old, small, European motorcycle? Now that's something to be afraid of!
  4. Yeh, I heard parts costs shoot up if you buy European. I also heard that the mechanics also rip you off? Is this true?

    I guess the question is whether it is worth buying a used Aprilia RS125 if u can find it in good nick? Any comments?
  5. if you're gonna suffer the negetives of euro bikes (ie cost and reliability)

    you may aswell get something that does something that the japs cant. ie has more performance, better handling ect

    if you are aware of what may happen and accept it then go nuts, not everyone wants to drive a beige camary
  6. I've got a CBR125, and it is fine for the city but struggles on the freeway. I'm pretty heavy, and I know people who weigh a lot less have a much better experience on the freeway, but I wouldn't be happy taking it out into the countryside for a day trip. If you've got day trips in mind I'd look at at least a 250.

    That being said, for the daily commute it is a bloody ripper of a little bike. 3 litres for 100 km, and plenty of pickup for traffic up to about 80 kph. So if you only want to do inner-city stuff it is a good choice.

    The other consideration is whether you are likely to drop the bike. If you are new then I'd go for a naked, just because fairings are a pain to repair or replace. (At least the fairings on the CBR125 are cheap compared to real bikes...)
  7. I would hate to use the Aprilia for the daily commute. It's a racer with lights. And to go with the performance its maintenance all the way.
    Your options are limited for older Euro lightweights anyway. If you could score an old MZ it would probably run forever.
    However, the broader question is more complicated as many Euro makes have enthusiast owner groups who help each other with parts supply. It may very well be easier to keep a 20 or 30 year old BMW, Ducati or Moto Guzzi on the road than the equivalent Japanese bike.
  8. Generally yes, though there are of course exceptions. And euro bikes depreciate much faster, parts harder to find, less specialists/dealers.

    Cbr125 vs. rs125, the rs is 2 stroke whilst the cbr is 4 stroke. Basically the rs125 will have about twice as much power as the cbr125, just so you know they're very different bikes..
  9. yep
  10. Honestly i'd say the cbr250rr. There are a lot of parts for that bike, its bullet proof and there is a large following for it. The only reason I didn't get one is I couldn't afford the bike + gear. Its a bike you really can't grow out of and I can't see anyone upgrading other than the sake of upgrading.. what was it 0-100 in 3.8 seconds?? Make sure it has full service history, isn't from sumoto and you'll be fine

    The cbr125 is also a good bike as a commuter (and is also a bit of fun.. its a motorcycle after all). I rode one when I was buying my bike just for the sake of riding it. What I found was that it was something that would get old quickly (only my opinion) because half the reason for getting a bike was performance. Again if its just for commuting i'd say its a great bike and would serve its purpose without fault.

    The aprilia, well i've got no experience with them but from what i've read, the aprilia is great IF your fine with maintaining it very regularly (twice as regularly as 4 strokes?). If you are willing to do that and want to give the track a go this would be a great bike (heaps of fun on the road as well if your controlled enough). But again the cbr250rr would serve this same purpose on the track and street.

    Basically choose the bike that's most practical for you. For me i'd go the cbr250rr because I want performance/reliability and something to take to the track (doing that with the gpx soon hehe). Whereas someone wanting something to commute to and from work would probably go the cbr125.

    *EDIT* If you want looks, reliability + commuting, have a look at the zzr250.. comfortable, looks good, reliable, ability to go fast enough when you need (same as my gpx with nicer fairings) and can get a low km almost new model for around 4.5k. For reference my service cost for the 6000km was $230
  11. lol

    LMFAO yeah id like to see that in real life....not just some dodgy edited youtube clip. 3.8secs is suersport territory

    and no... its bad...just plain bad. around the block twice was enough for me to be sick of it.
  12. Haha fair call, everyone has different opinions. Myself I loved the cbr, riding position, performance (i'm only 60kg) and looks. I guess that's another thing, have a sit on all the bikes and see what works for you because as you can see everyone will have a different opinion as will you.

    Yeah fair enough on the cbr.. I was just going by memory when I was researching them. Might have been the zxr250 that did that then. Just had a look, looks like cbr250 is 5seconds in real life

    *EDIT* yeah it was the zxr250 that does it.. but they have very similar hp and weight don't they so shouldn't the cbr be fairly close under ideal conditions as well (i'm talking about a 55kg rider, high rpm start etc). btw sorry for the incorrect info mate
  13. Maybe if you tied one to the pillion seat of a litrebike. ;)

    Realistically, closer to 6 seconds or thereabouts, maybe a whisker less.
  14. haha alright alright I feel like an idiot already. In my defence I had question marks!
  15. yep and the zxr250 is basically the same bike and has a bee's dicks difference in performance so i cant see it getting into 3second 0-100s

    maybe a 2-smoke ape 250 or a 2 stroke 250 motard with a lengthened swingarm might get there though.

    not saying the cbr isnt a reasonable bike though.
  16. I guess the problem is i'm getting my info out of wikipedia


    Anyway i'm off to the pacific for a ride. Let me know about the actual stats for the zxr or cbr because I was actually looking at upgrading again (for another lams bike) in 6months for the reason that it was bordering the big bike territory so i'd be able to hang on to it for a while longer

    p.s again to the original poster, sorry for the incorrect acceleration times but the rest of what I said I still stand by
  17. Most of the 250cc 0-100 times on wikipedia seem to be ridiculously inflated.

    There's a clip of a cbr250rr on youtube doing it in about 5s (5.2?). ZXR250 would be more or less identical. Even that requires a shitload of clutch bashing. And remember, 250cc bikes 1994 and onwards were restricted in power (to 40hp), so they'll be even slower.

    GPX250R's won't do it in 5.75 either. Closer to around 6-6.5s.

    No 4 stroke 250's make it into the 4s territory, let alone 3s.
  18. Thats great guys - thanks for the information.

    Seems like no one wants to go for a euro bike unless you have the money to splurge. I guess the Aprilia rs125 is a no go...

    I'll definitely have a good look into the 250rr and zzr250.
  19. Nice one, you should just get out there and sit on any lams bike you can think of (there's a LOT more but i'm assuming you already eliminated them) and see what you prefer. Remember that everyone has a different opinion regarding these things so just take any personal opinions myself or others give you (about looks, comfort etc) lightly and go to each bike with an open mind because you may completely disagree with what we said.

    Before you look at the bikes read the how to check a bike article here (not sure where it is anymore) but that helped me when I was looking around

    I've told quite a few people my bike does 0-100 in 5.75 haha, damn wikipedia. But I guess all bikes and cars 0-100 times are tested in some sort of unrealistic but standardised conditions (light rider, massive rpm start etc) so I guess it does allow us to compare bikes (and cars) to a certain extent.. just not what you can expect from them in a real world situation. Well at least thats what I choose to believe :p

  20. Much appreciated skar6270... :)