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EU Speed Limits proposed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, May 24, 2005.

  1. Got Babelfish?
    “With those speed limits we would be castrated.”

    Ugh, the suits are planning on taking all our fun!
    Don't speed - it wastes fuel.
    Don't eat junk food - it makes you fat.
    Don't stick a knife in the toaster - it's stupid and you won't get candy.

    Pfft... all the best things in life have been ruined. RUINED!!! :twisted:
  2. Oh fcuk no.
    That is crap. 100kmh is snails pace. If saving fuel is so important then run the fcuking things on ethanol. assholes.
  3. I actually think it's a good idea. They are talking about lowering the speed limit to conserve the dwindling supply of fossil oil.

    If we extrapolate this theory we will be down to 5kph by the year 2067....rock on!
  4. well thats gay
  5. But if you take it a step further it can be used to justify Motorcycles being allowed to go faster because they use leass fuel to do 200km/h...
  6. Now thats my kind of thinking! :D :LOL:
  7. And far less than a cage at 300km/h... :twisted:

  8. :LOL: We also use less oil and rubber as well,less wear and tear on the roads,less pollution :D Bikes are the planet friendly choice of transport!! :LOL: :D

  9. what the heck are you riding? i use WAY more rubber than a car. 5000km out of a pair of tyres - i get about 40,000 out of the car, even though it has more wheels.
  10. they've been seriously considering speed limits on all parts of the Autobahn since a woman and her child died after they were run off the road (they both weren't wearing seatbelts) when they moved into the 'fast lane' in their Ford KA doing about 130km/h into the path of a Merc AMG CL65 (twin turbo V12) who was doing over 300km/h.

    They won't bring in a 100km/h speed limit on all autobahns in germany. There is absolutely NO chance of that happening. The current speed limits range from 100 - 130 with some sections being "unrestricted". There is talk about 'restricting' the "unrestricted" sections to 130km/h and that is kicking up a s**t storm!!!

    I drove pleny of times at 140km/h passed cops in a 130km/h zone and never got booked. They wouldn't be that petty. Now, 150km/h+ in a 130 zone will get you pulled over but unlike here, they consider it safer to drive a bit over the speed limit AND LOOK AT THE ROAD. Here it is considered safer to drive under the speedlimit and NOT LOOK AT THE ROAD BUT LOOK AT THE SPEEDO AND THE WATCH (VARIABLE 40KM/H ZONES).

    :roll: RANT :roll:
  11. Damm its the French again, :shock:
    They don't have autobahns,
    So why should anyone else,
    "His suggestion follows a recommendation by the International Energy Association in Paris"
    I says go eat some more garlic and onion cheese and smoke some more of those rancid cigarettes they sell in France,
    You bunch of Cheese eating surrender monkeys.
    "they've been seriously considering speed limits on all parts of the Autobahn since a woman and her child died after they were run off the road (they both weren't wearing seatbelts) when they moved into the 'fast lane' in their Ford KA doing about 130km/h into the path of a Merc AMG CL65 (twin turbo V12) who was doing over 300km/h."

    I feel sorry for the family of those people,
    but stupid people driving a Ford KA should not be on the Autobahn, and never in the fast lane.
    Whilst in Germany we never had the pleasure of driving the autobahn,
    too busy drinking german beer at the Oktoberfest.


    I missed the bit about not wearing any seat belts, for f*ck sake, some people are too stupid to live, really.
  12. Can someone not read a profile??I ride a freakin K5 Gixxer Thou :roll: :LOL: Yes,when ridden like a mad bastard on RR tyres, bikes will chew through rubber,i get on average about 2500ks on RR tyres,but reefton eats tyres up something fierce. Put on some sports touring tyres and potter about and see how much you get out of your bike tyres. :D :LOL: Not to mention we only have 2 tyres that are generally using less rubber in the production process. 8) :wink:
  13. If they can't even get the people to vote on an EU constitution, what hope do you think they'll have of introducing universal speed limits?

    Anyway, the "EU" as an entity is most likely finished. Shit, even the poms, who want to be a part of what was originally call the Common Market or European Economic Community, refuses to adopt the Euro, refuses to go metric and drives on the left.

    At best, the EU is an economic co-operative. And an expensive to maintain one, at that.
  14. Eeeeh, quite simple. Speed limits wont go to a referendum. This cant be compared to an EU constitution. One is about nation sovereignty, the other about arbitrary speed limits.

    I find it hilarious that someone is using environmental friendlyness to try and argue for lower speeds :LOL: :LOL:

    If they are really that concerned there are far more things to concentrate on that will reap a much bigger saving.

  15. actually, bikes are far less aerodynamic then cars so they use up heaps more fuel when you go fast, especially if there is 4-5 people in the car.

    you should be arguing that buses are far more efficient :p
  16. I think you mean less fuel per passenger - yes you are right, buses win, cars second and bikes last.

    I reckon if the environmental factors were actually an issue affecting speed limits, the bike companies would be hurrying to get a 200kph hydrogen bike on the market.

    Even when everything is green, they won't be upping the limits.
  17. Androo wrote:
    But how many cars do you see on the Monash or Eastern with more than one person in them in peak hour?
  18. A Ka is not that bad! Try a Trabant in the fast lane - that's a real mobile road block. I was driving a Golf on the autobahns some years back and the Trabants & Wartburgs in the East were interesting - you're doing 150+ & they're doing 90-100 flatout down hill & they pull out to overtake each other!.

    It's also when you pass a Mercedes at 190k & he decides that no pissant Golf is going to overtake him so he pulls out, overtakes & cuts in again (& then slows down). That's when you have problems. As usual, it's not the speed it's the stupidity. It reminded me of home actually... :?

    Unfortunately stupidity is world wide...