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N/A | National [EU] ABS and Onboard Diagnostics will be mandatory. Anti tampering laws very likely

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. For any that doubted what lies ahead, here is the first phase:


    The Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations

    Sep 1, 2011
    European Parliament discusses amendments for motorcycle type approval

    On Tuesday the parliamentary committee (IMCO) in charge of the type approval regulation for motorcycles met for the last time to discuss the amendments that have been submitted before voting on a report in October. Still under discussion is the timeline for new emission limits, durability requirements and the extent to which ABS and OBD will become mandatory. The main focus of FEMA lies on the modification of motorcycles as well as on approvals for individually built vehicles.

    Opening the meeting Rapporteur Wim van de Camp reported an accident. Riding on his new Harley Davidson he'd lost control after an emergency brake and suffered a light leg injury. "ABS does not always prevent you from falling off your bike" he concluded. As Rapporteur van de Camp is responsible for drafting the IMCO report which will be the recommendation of the Committee to the Plenary of how to amend the European Commission's initial proposal.

    Having to deal with 300 amendments from his colleagues, Mr. van de Camp remembered that as member of the European People's Party (EPP), which is the biggest group in European Parliament, he would not have to find compromises for each of the disputed issues. But the Dutch MEP's group has no absolute majority, therefore he could still be overruled by a coalition of several other groups, for example formed by the Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) with the Liberals (ALDE) or the Greens.

    Foregone conclusion: ABS and OBD will become mandatory
    Mr. van de Camp intends to stick to mandatory anti-lock brakes (ABS) for bikes with an engine size exceeding 125cc while leaving it up to manufacturers whether to equip light motorcycles with ABS or with just a combined braking system (CBS). This option had been suggested by the European Commission and is being supported by motorcycle manufacturers. S&D instead, the second biggest group in Parliament, argues for mandatory ABS for all motorcycles exceeding 50cc since it considers CBS inferior and thus insufficient. FEMA tried to prevent mandatory ABS but never found powerful allies to put forward the case.
    Next to ABS, on-board diagnostics (OBD) will also become mandatory for motorcycles, the only remaining question is as from when. Greens and S&D support the early introduction of OBD while the European Conservatives (ECR) suggest to except at least mopeds and scooters below 50cc from mandatory OBD. The amendment of Kerstin Westphal (S&D) which calls for accessibility of OBD data for riders has to be highlighted.

    The case of powertrain modifications and IVA
    FEMA had been very successful in convincing MEPs to exempt amateur built vehicles from too strict regulations which would have made the approval of an individual vehicle economically unfeasible for private persons. Supporting MEPs are coming from all relevant groups: Wim van de Camp (EPP/NL) and Eija-Riitta Korhola (EPP/FI), Bernd Lange (S&D/DE) and Mitro Repo (S&D/FI), and Toine Manders (ALDE/NL), therefore FEMA expects a favourable outcome for the builders of custom bikes.
    Regarding the issue of planned measures to prevent riders from modifications of the powertrain of their bikes (FEMA previously reported) again FEMA very much welcomes amendments that have been put forward by Ms. Westphal. The German MEP suggests to simply rely on national authorities to check and approve bikes after they have been substantially modified. Currently FEMA is gathering more support to convince Mr. van de Camp of this solution.

    Durability requirements for manufacturers
    As a matter of fact motorcycles will have to become cleaner. The question remains as from when. As from 2014 is what the Greens want, including EURO 6 for motorcycles above 125cc as from 2019 - two years earlier than proposed by the Commission. During the IMCO meeting Wim van de Camp signalized that he intends to stick to the Commission's proposal.
    From the very beginning of the discussion FEMA linked its support for stricter emission regimes to the introduction of stringent durability requirements. Following FEMA's advice the Commission had proposed a durability requirement of 50.000 km for motorcycles as soon as they have to comply with Euro 6. Mr. van de Camp prefers a slightly lower requirement of 40.000 km.
    Malcolm Harbour (ECR/UK) calls to test durability in dependence on an American standard used in California. FEMA favours the tests as proposed by the Commission. The latter are based on ‘in use conformity' which is seen as the best tool to prevent consumers from having to bear the consequences of malfunctioning exhaust systems.
    Mr. van de Camp will now concentrate on negotiating compromises among the representative of the other groups (so called ‘shadow rapporteurs'). At the beginning of October, IMCO will vote on the report which will then be sent to Plenary. The plenary vote, representing the final decision of European Parliament on the Regulation on the approval and market surveillance of motorcycles (L-category vehicles), is expected to be held by the end of the year.
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  3. Now the real question is: Does socialism CAUSE the brain malfunction, or is it the result of it?
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  5. The proposal is to set it up with the OBD so that the bike will not run if it has been modified from standard in any way.
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  6. What a **** of a proposal ...and it's a small step from there to automatic fines.
  7. If these measures are so necessary for Bikes why arent they in for cars as well?
  8. Not totally on-topic, but it might interest some folks that pretty much since the advent of airbags being installed in cars, pretty much every car has had a data recorder inside the airbag controller unit to assist engineers in understanding how their airbags have or have not functioned, etc. It's essentially a 'black box', recording the last 5 seconds before impact. Decelerations, brake usage, seatbelt use, whether there's a passenger in the front, etc...

    This data has always been essentially in-house automotive engineer use only, with the exception of GM/Ford and Chevrolet vehicles, for which Bosch makes a commercially-available data retrieval unit to pull the crash data with.

    Because of stability control and ABS and traction control essentially preventing vehicle tyres from becoming hot enough in a crash or near-crash event that they leave marks on the road, crash reconstruction is becoming a heck of a lot harder than it used to be.

    Therefore, the NHTSA (National Highway Transport Safety Association thingy) in the USA has mandated that from 2013 onward all cars sold in the USA must have a standardised crash data recorder which records data from various sensors for the last 5 seconds or so prior to impact.

    Good/bad? Depends. The standardisation of, and improved accessibility to, the crash data recorder of cars made after 2013 means that if you really were the innocent party in a crash, it'll likely show in the data and you won't have to pay for your solicitor and an expert engineer to disprove charges based around a poor reconstruction of events. Or have to wrestle the insurance company who claim you're at fault. That said, if you really were doing warp factor 5 in a 50 zone about 5 seconds prior to impact, well, it'll show that too...

    I digress.
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  9. Depends how they will Implement the OBD. Will it be a publicly published standard, or will it be a consortium type thing? If they try the closed standard type, I give it 5 weeks before this "camel's" protocol is published openly, and work arounds will be readily available.
    The thing about committee's is, they have great ideas about how to use technology to acheive a target, but know little about how easy it can be circumvented.
    BMW already have this type of thing on their CANBUS implimentation. If you try and modify the electrical system, it throws up errors. You can already buy items that dont set it off. You will be able to buy exhausts, sprockets ect that wont set off your OBD.. no doubt about it.
  10. Hope you're right.

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