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NSW etoll

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by UserInterface, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. do you need to have a tag for etoll?
    I didn't think you did but they sent me one...

    again in in the wrong forum...
  2. As I understand it, in NSW at least, yes. You need it mounted in the vehicle when you travel. I don't know if you can move it from vehicle to vehicle though.
  3. Yes you need a tag linked to the account, you don't need to carry the tag on the bike. Just register the bike in the etoll account and they will do number-plate matching.
  4. I have 3 bikes, a trailor and a car on 1 acc. No tag for any of them. Tags are no longer needed, as are rego stickers. Number plate recognition software cured all that in NSW
  5. Fair enough. Learned something new today.
  6. Ah that's interesting.. shame that I had to pay a deposit for a tag that I will never use..

    Thanks for the info.
  7. And as a side note, you can put any plate on to your toll acc, for a day a week or for just 1 time. it just takes a phone call.. I often put my mates car on to mine when we go fishin' down south
  8. I think you will find there is an administration charge if you don't use the tag.
    Also the deposit is not lost. If you hand the tag back in the deposit and the balance of your account will be refunded.
  9. A timely thread given this reported crap from the RMS/RTA.
    I carry the tag in my car but it doesn't seem to work on the bridge. Works everywhere else though. It never seemed to work on the bike but once the tag company got its shit together and worked out I had it linked to my tag all was good.
  10. Wait so do I have to carry the tag? I don't have anywhere that I could mount it.
  11. I would carry it. I can't see why it would not work if in a front breast pocket or on a string hung around your neck. Keep clear of metal zips, keys or other metal items.
  12. You don't need to carry the tag. They don't charge plate matching fee for bikes.
  13. +1 to the above, same for Queensland GoVia too. You can't mount it to the bike cos it might get stolen! It will be stated on the etoll website.
  14. That's what I thought but then they confused me by sending a tag when I only have a bike registered.
  15. I just added my bike plate using the RTA myToll website.

    I don't have a physical tag on yhd bike, it seems to work ok.

    I've ridden in/out the city a few times (m2,LCT,bridge) and also been out west via the m7.

    I think you need a tag registered so they know where to allocate the charges but don't need to mount it on a bike.
  16. It is a long time since I was down that way. The tech has probably improved quite a bit.