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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by johnno, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. if you think another rider wants to pass you on a single lane rd, where should you position yourself or should you just stay where you are and let them worry about how they will get around you? I ask this because today I had a rider and inch off of my rear wheel and he did not buddge!

  2. If the road is straight and clear up ahead I'll pull to the left, make room for them and wave them through. Essentially, if it isn't troublesome to me I'll make room.
  3. Personally I would probably move into the left wheel track, or stay right where I was. It is then up to them to pass.

    However, if they refuse to pass, then I either slow down or wave them past. If they still refuse to pass, them I'm gonna smack the sh!t out of them.
  4. on the old pac highway today. we were riding, im on p's and we had a lerner with us. some faster bikes caught up. on the twisties i kept my line. the moment it was straight i went as far left as my lane would allow me. this allowed them to safely overtake me, and as such put everyone involved at less risk.
  5. Good policy. IMO, it's up to the guys overtaking to make the move. You really don't need to be preoccupied with making room all the time - if they have the ponies they'll be on theie way in no time and would prob prefer to dictate terms.
  6. Depends on your position in the lane. In a single lane road (one-way), I'd probably move little bit left so rider behind can overtake me on my right side.

    At the freeway, I usually ride in the far right lane and closer to the middle lane, which means if I see someone behind me I move right and that rider to overtake me.
  7. well as a matter of fact I did move over to the left a couple of times and he still did not overtake so I resumed my original position. If I had to make any sort of emergency stop he would of run straight over the top of me.
  8. this is a very emotive subject from what i've observed on other forums.

    personally, if i'm in a single lane and travelling at speed or just above and another biker or car is obviously moving faster than i am, i see no reason why i should do anything more than what i'm doing.

    in this situation, imo, they make the move, not you.

    on a mulit-lane, now that's different.
  9. If they won't overtake, gently slow down, that will usually make them not want to slow woth you, and they normally overtake, leaving you both out of what could be a nasty situation.
  10. stay where u are, let them kno that u are aware that theyre there (headcheck), do the posted limit, and let them sort it out. if they stay up youre a*s, there just a d*ck and shouldnt be on a bike, (unless there drafting :p )
  11. If you were so worried that you had to make a post about it, why
    didnt you slow down until the f*cker had no choice but to overtake;
    or pull over?

  12. To a faster bike, a slower bike can be a moving chicane. Moving to the side to make a little room sounds like good manners to me, and can save you getting buzzed if there's no otherway through.
    If the guy wants to sit on your klacker for a bit, and you don't want him to, shift him.
    You don't know whats going through his head, maybe you've got a nice bum. :p

  13. Indicate to the side of the road and slow right down. I think in this case they just wanted to follow you if they wouldn't overtake.
  14. Good in theory, but what if a 250 rider wants to overtake a bigger bike? There's no way they can safely catch them on the straights, unless the other rider swallows his pride and lets the faster 250 rider pass. Nothing is more annoying than being held up in the corners by some idiot who can only ride quick in a straight line. :p
  15. I'm on a 250 and sometimes I overtake bigger bikes. Some people just need to smell the roses every now and again. If I see someone behind me I'll ignore them in the twisty bits then travel slower than usual on the straights, hugging the left of the lane, they overtake if they want. I don't think someone with a bigger bike but no skill would be fake enough to gun it on the straights, only to go through corners very slowly. And if you're stuck behind someone who does go nuts on the straights and slow in corners, forget about overtaking them, just go normal or slightly slower on the straights and you won't be held up in the twisties.

    Was riding behind a guy on old pac today who I thought I might have to overtake as he was puttering along at 50 in the straights, but I didn't overtake incase he was just waiting for the good bits to go off. And he did, once we rid ourselves of the boring sections, he was gone.

    He ended up kind of racing an old crapbox. Respect to that person with a brown crapbox fanging it like no tomorrow on the old pac today.
  16. i was blasted by a dude in a bmw. well i gave him a good blast in return :grin:
  17. If you have a bike come up behind you the best thing to do is (having found a suitably safe stretch for passing) move to the left and stick out your right foot (that's the standard and well recognised sign for "go past me mate"). Remember to hold constant speed or even better, back off the throttle so they can pass easily. :)
  18. being a HD rider pretty much anything bigger than a 250(4 stroke) can go faster than me. if they wanna go past i'll move over slightly, not too much.
    if if they tailgate or are agressive or just w*nkers then stuff em!
  19. Be careful a person told me unmarked police bikes do this and try and get you to speed up and then they nail you. Best to indicate to the side of the road and pull over to let them pass.
  20. i had a mate on a gsxr1000 who got tailed by an undercover thru the twisties. he thought it was a bike giving him a run, and gave it a squirt, before gesturing for him to overtake. he had also done the old flipper-roony of the rego label over his plate. when the cop overtook, he gestured for him to stop, and on seeing his radio and riding gear, he took off fast... he got away, but the boys in blue caught him a few days later and pinned him on video footage. safe to say he's only riding at the track now... anyone want some K2 fairings? :p