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Etiquette on the road

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Christinek, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm still a fresh noob and did my first commute Manly to Pyrmont yesterday inc. over the windy harbour bridge, yay! Made it in one piece and in at least half the time of getting the bus and walking.

    So because I'm a good girl and not filtering through traffic, I want to make sure I'm following any 'unspoken' etiquette/rules e.g. letting other riders pass in a bus lane etc.... if anyone can share any tips (no matter how obvious you think it is) that would be great!!! :) Thanks!

  2. First rule...always do what is safest for you.
    More experienced riders will look after themselves.
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  3. Never nod to H.D riders if you are not one
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  4. It is so ridiculous l platers cant filter.

    Anyway to answer your question, act predictably. But yeah they will get round you.
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    Or scooters.

    Ride your own ride. Head check always and control the traffic around you with definite movements, indication and body language (it comes with time).
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  6. And if that doesn't work, brandishing a screwdriver usually makes them give you more space... :wacky:
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  7. If you beep a distracted cager at the lights on a multilane road then move right because you don't have time for that shite, they may become angry and speed to get back in front. Not sure if you believe the hi-vis propaganda, if not don't nod riders wearing it.
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    I don't nod because I can't see them.
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  9. Admittedly I still do when I feel like I'd be in a better position.. but then I used to when I was on my Ls a few years back when it was totally illegal..
  10. Take care of yourself. Put yourself where safety dictates, others will ride around you if they want.

    Don't block filtering gaps unless you have to.

    Be predictable.
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  11. If another rider comes up behind you, let them know you've seen them and give them room to pass. Tapping an flashing the brakes is good or a big exaggerated look in the mirrors. But don't mess yourself up to do it. Its scary going past someone when you're not sure if they know you're there.
    If someone lets you through, give them a wave.
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  12. Thanks everyone these are all really useful! A lot to remember on who to, or not to nod to hehe

    I'll head to Bunnings for a screwdriver this weekend
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  13. To summarise

    Always ride for your own safety.
    Ride in a predictable manner.
    Head check, then head check again. If in doubt, head check, experienced riders will filter rather quickly.
    Make sure you leave room - for an escape route and other riders filtering.
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  14. Um. Don't stuff it up the inside of another rider cornering at ten tenths (unless you know them well enough to visit in hospital)? Somehow I don't think we're in that territory yet...

    Yeah, main things are keep checking around you, and BE PREDICTABLE. No sudden lane changes without looking, indicating etc.
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  15. Riders splitting traffic will hesitate before passing you. We see other riders as the biggest risk to our safety as you are the only vehicle likely to move into the splitting space. So keep an eye on your mirrors and if you see one of us behind you acknowledge that they may pass with a foot out to the side you want them to pass on. No one will care if you don't do this but if you do you well get many kudos.
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  16. Riding with your foot off the peg is illegal unless coming to a stop. Another stupid rule
  17. only wheelie where another rider can see you.
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  18. When overtaking another rider you may hit their kill switch if their leathers match their bike.
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  19. Does both being filthy count as matching?
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  20. I'm betting that your kill switch hasn't worked in years