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Etiquette on posting accident vid

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Going Camping, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Caught some action on my GoPro while on a group ride recently, no one was hurt and bike didn't seem to have any damage.
    Rider was young and on Ps but I have never met them before.
    Should I give this one a miss or post it up?

  2. If no-one was injured and you believe that there is something to be learned by other riders then it is OK. You should obscure any number plate information or identifying information for the protection of the person or persons involved. Although there is no legal restriction on posting public photos/videos, respect for your fellow rider should insist that they aren't identified in case it leads to prosecution for dangerous driving etc.

    If there has been a death or injury then the matter is different and such information should not be posted unless it is a matter of public record. This is to protect other riders, friends and family from learning about an accident through a public forum and to give police time to notify family with due respect.
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  3. But, seriously, why would you want to? Would you want someone posting a video if YOU crashed????
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  4. Yes hornethornet especially if it was spectacular :LOL:
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  5. Yes, thank goodness no-one's been filming near me on a couple of occasions!!!
  6. Nothing to legally prevent you, but good form and respect from others would say it's not the done thing.
    If you came on one of my rides with your cam, and posted anything like that publicly, it would be the last ride you got invited to.....
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  7. I think you need to ask and if their happy chuck it up.

    If their not like don't.

    Like I said I wouldn't care unless it put me in a compromising position. But I can laugh at myself some can't.
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  8. If it was me you were posting up a video of without my express permission, I would be less than happy. I would be even less happy if it was of me having an accident. NSW Police love handing out Negligent Driving fines.
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  9. There are thousands of these showing car crashes on the dash cam sites
  10. The difference here, and I'm only assuming, is that he was on a group ride with people he knew. Now, if someone I knew posted up an incriminating video of me without my permission, you can be assured harsh words would be spoken.
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  11. I think your jumping to conclusions Mick who says it's incriminating?
  12. "no one was hurt and bike didn't seem to have any damage." - sounds to me like someone crashed. If someone crashed and damage is found later, then the video could be used as evidence of negligent driving/riding.

    But I'm happy to be corrected...
  13. By incriminating I mean someone was doing something illegal.
  14. I don't know about Victoria, but in NSW crashing on a public road is called negligent driving, an offence worth 3 points and a couple of hundred dollars. I know a couple of blokes who were booked for it in single vehicle accidents, no damage to them or the bike but a 'concerned citizen' phoned the police with the details, and yep booked for neg driving.

    Hence my comment

    "The difference here, and I'm only assuming, is that he was on a group ride with people he knew. Now, if someone I knew posted up an incriminating video of me without my permission, you can be assured harsh words would be spoken"
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  15. Yeh fair enough. Theres bucket loads of crashing vids out there and if number plates were obscured I couldn't see the cops trying to work out who it was through matching helmets and leathers.

    I get your point. But I'm not quite as invested in the fact cops have the time to do that.
    Much better return picking up people on their phones in plain clothes at traffic lights.

    Thats a 4 point $467 fine in Vic.
  16. Agreed. If the number plates are obscured etc and if they are mates you've asked them, then fair enough.

    My point really is that if they are friends, then don't post it up without asking them first.
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  17. Only if it's funny ;).
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  18. if only more people were considerate of what they posted up on youtube. Eco friendly power consumption. If the useless crap on youtube was reduced by 50% (not the good funny stuff, but straight out 'why the ??? would you post that on youtube') - we'd probably save the rainforests in one hit. ;)
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  19. Group ride ya say, don't do it you will just make a prick out of yourself .
  20. Thanks for the feedback, I'll try and get in touch with the guy. I know someone else has similar footage so it'll be interesting to see if they post it. I guess I was thinking of sharing it because I like watching other peoples footage.
    I didn't realise the exact scenario would make a difference so here are a few more details for anyone who cares:
    I didn't know anyone else on the ride, met them all on the day.
    A couple of riders in a line went wide on a corner into the path of an on coming car. One tightened up and just missed the car, the other went wide and into a muddy ditch creating a massive splash. No obvious damage to anyone or thing involved.