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Etiquette - Clipped a cars mirror while lane filtering

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by parko, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. This morning while riding in to work I was lane filtering to the front of an intersection and clipped a cars mirror... Unfortunately by the time my brain registered it, I was about a car and a half further up the road (busy watching bike ahead and being cold & wet!). My mirror was only “slightly” askew so I sure there couldn’t have been any damage… Just wondering what the etiquette is regarding this situation?

  2. I had this happen to me in my early days, only once so far. I too was only going slow and no damage other than misaligned mirrors.
    I briefly turned my head, acknowledged the driver, motioned my hand in a sorry gesture then slowly progressed to the front.
    It was a good warning for me to be vigilant. I was only doing about 10k's but it is still enough to knock you off if your not paying attention.

    Take it as message from the gods that YOU need to ALWAYS be a bit more aware, especially in traffic or when you are tired and not on your game.
  3. What would you do if you accidentally bumped into someone while waking down the street? Common courtesy applies.
  4. Well it's for damn sure if it was my car, I'd be chasing you down if you didn't stop to check the damage and giving you a mouthful of adjectives!
  5. Really, Triway? Huh.

    I've had it happen once, and I looked at the drive and gestured sorry. Would have been nice if he could see the sorriness on my face as well, but you do what you can.

    On the plus side, my mirrors are a light plastic shell, so the odds of them damaging a car mirror are very slim. Especially at filtering speeds.
  6. Bah, unless you're going at a far clip, don't bother. Chances are they haven't even noticed.

    Your mirror will get bent back and take the brunt of the hit anyway.

    If you're handlebar hit it, then yes, you better stop and check it out.

    And if you are lane splitting, where the frig are you going to stop safely to go over and check the damage?
  7. This happened to me just the past weekend. I looked back saw and angry driver... I waved an apologetic hand gesture... he waved back and I was on my way again.
    Oh and it was my handle bar that hit his mirror at <5kph. I'm much more wary or filtering now.
  8. you have to be careful with this, if you put even the tiniest scratch on thier mirror and just wave and ride off. They may report the incident and if they have a witness in another car you may be charged with leaving the scene of an accident
  9. Yeah, tricky one - when it happened to me, it knocked the balance weight out of the handlebar, but no damage to the car's mirror - the embarassment of pulling over, picking it up, saying sorry to the driver/passenger (they were cool about it) and then rejoining all the traffic I had just filtered thru was punishment enough :)
  10. Tiniest scratch == accident.

    If cops have enough time to worry about a scratched mirror, there is something very wrong with the system. I'm guessing you would be come the joke of the day at the station.

  11. Unless the officer had been having a bad day that he wanted to vent on something, or the car you hit was his wife, or worse, an unmarked cop car, or he had a chip on his shoulder about bikes doing this etc, etc....

    Thing is it CAN put you in the shit, not necessarily will, but can.
  12. Have heard a first hand account of this happening and the rider not stopping. The (big) driver got out, walked up behind the stopped rider and tried to push the rider off his/her bike in retaliation.

    I'm very careful of this and yeah i'd stop, check with the driver apologise etc.

    When you're out there riding you're an ambassador for all of us. The person you treat poorly may be the person who uses their car to block me from filtering. Then I have come on here and moan about 'irrational anti-bike cagers'. We all misbehave on our bikes, just try to not get up others noses when doing it.

    (free to a good home: One slightly used soapbox - :) )

    Edited becorz eye mizpeld ambassador...
  13. Problem is the painted mirrors on some cars are quite expensive to repair/replace, cops may worry about it if an insurance company gets involved. I know if a bike scratched my cars mirror and rode off I would be following it up - why should I have to put up with a scratch or pay for repairs caused by someone else.
  14. Well said methinks.
  15. If it's a little bump, no damage, tell 'em you're sorry and move on.

    If you do damage it, stop and face the music. Fair's fair.
  16. mmm I took of from lights once anyway mirror to mirror contact I was not concerned he was so I pulled over, starting to worry cause his car looked old was not as strong as I thought, no problems though that day but I now now just cause my vfr mirrors fold back doesn't mean they cannot break things

    Much more careful after that as these people can get angry and decide to kill you or the next bike they see
  17. I'm with loz and purdyboy. What goes around comes around.
  18. I'd pull over up front, if it's an issue they will stop and talk to you about it.
    Least you made the effort, and yeah doesn't make us all look bad.
  19. I don’t know how you guys are clipping a cars mirror when splitting, when i split i manage to clip at least 75% of the mirrors on the cars that are standing there in traffic.
    Try Harder :LOL:
  20. The first time I was filtering to the front my handlebar hit the passenger side mirror and it flipped back on its springs. I stopped and straightened it back up and waved an apology to the driver. He waved back so I rode on. I now make sure I am looking at both sides as I go through and only do it slowly and if there is enough room.

    I would hate to have someone hit my mirror in the car and not acknowledge it, but I doubt if I would retaliate for it though.