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Etiqette???? What Etiqette

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Banjo, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. A bit of a coincidence...two similar occurances on the same day.

    Idling along in the cage...about 5kmh in traffic approaching a set of lights...spotted a bike coming up the inside, filtering to the front of the queue, so I moved as far right as the lane would allow to give the guy some room, then stopped with the rest of the traffic, about four cars from the lights. As he passed me he STILL managed to hit my mirror, with his arm, broke the glass and snapped the mirror body off at the base. He didn't stop so I gave a quick beep on the horn. He stopped at the front of the queue, raised his visor and looked back, laughed and gave me that famous salute, and he wasn't ordering one beer. When the lights went green, he dropped the clutch and exited the scene real quick.

    It's a local bike as I've seen it around before, so mate, if you're a netrider, look out for me, and next time, I could be on the bike, in which case you won't know it's me. You're a contributing factor to the bad rap we get.

  2. Banjo, that's a pisser mate, but the best thing about that post, is that I have just discovered there is a Netrider older than me....... :grin: :grin:

  3. :eek: :eek: :eek: But not by much :p :p
  4. Number plate? Type of bike? I wonder.
  5. Yeah, I got the plate, and it's a fireblade, and I'll keep it to myself...surprise is a biatch.
  6. Good - revenge is a dish best served cold eh!
  7. Report him to the cops. Failing to stop at the scene of an accident. Given the reckless way in which he flipped you off, it's a fair chance he'll lose his licence.
  8. problem with that is proof...

    crap scenario though Banjo
  9. I'd like to, but I have this phobia about dobbing other riders in, plus Mr.Plod has enough on his plate without me adding to it. I would rather they spend their time keeping drunks and junkies from running me off the road. As has already been said, revenge is better when served cold.
  10. Banjo just dish out what ever you see fit and then kick him while he's down. I mean this is why we get such a bad rap. It just sucks.
  11. I'm glad I have better manners. Hope you find the culprit. Don't suppose you have have any witnesses to help you verify what happened.

    Oh wait doesn't sound like you want the cops involved... gotcha. ;)
  12. So is a pair of cops knocking on your door.
    They can use that number plate info...
  13. It was Parko! :dance:
    It was Parko! :dance:

  14. What does a mirror on a blade cost, cos I got quoted $280 for a new one to fit the cage. There probably won't be any need to do any kicking, just a swift knock should suffice.
  15. :) you can't put a price on sweet revenge, an eye for an eye and satisfaction for a lifetime. :)
  16. Oh yeah, I'd be taking a sickie tommorrow and waiting on my bike for him to come past :evil:
  17. There's really only one thing that bothers me...I'm hoping like crazy it isn't another netrider. Sooner or later I'm going to catch up with the guy and either give him the bill or whatever, and I know I'm going to feel as guilty as hell if it's someone off here....besides being able to tell him he can't ride for s@#$. He had enough room to get two bikes through the gap I left him.
  18. Why? Being a NetRider isn't a 'be a prick for free' card. If he'd only broken the mirror you could put it down to error, but adding the finger is just being a wanker, and whoever it is needs to be called on it, NetRider or not.
  19. Amen.
  20. Don't sweat it. PNUT's a Netrider and I tell him he's a bastard all the time.. :LOL: