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Ethanol ...will new bikes run with this kind of fuel ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by paulmoran, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Given the V8 Supercar race's have all can Ethanol ....I was wondering....will today modern sportsbikes run with this kind of fuel ??

    Cheers for your input -


  2. Serach is your friend :wink:

    Basically it will perish the rubber unless specifically designed for ethanol.

    Do some searching & make up your own mind though.
  3. My '98 VFR has done around 70,000K of its 195,000K's on E10 with no probs.

    There have been several threads on the subject so search.
  4. ethenal burn diffrent u would have to remap and replace rubbers
  5. How many threads do we need on each topic? Is seven enough? Eight?
  6. Yeah, pm Serach. He knows heaps about this :LOL:
  7. love to meet the guy oneday.
    why use ethanol when you can use Methanol
  8. Why use ethanol? Worse fuel consumption more than cancels out any cheaper purchase price, worse for environment if you look at the whole cycle, very, very bad for developing countries...
    We may be forced to use it one day, but until then...
  9. Obviously speelling chequer is not my friend :LOL:
  10. Er, fuel consumption increases by around 2-3%, 4 cents out of 120cents is around 3% so the economic arguement is a bit moot, especially given your concern over developing countries who are generally more at risk with climate change effects anyway. What price for a sound conscience.

    As for lifecycle analysis, the devil is in the detail, it depends on what you factor in (as in how much of the cycle) which is why there is so much conflicting data. Biodiesel and ethanol produced in Australia is made from waste so the LCA is positive. In any case fuels made from fossil fuel put through the same calculation will always come out extremely negative.

    Its an emerging industry and part of he solution, along with reducing consumption generally.