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ethanol fuel, is it any good?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dgmeister, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. What's the go with high octane ethanol added fuel?

    Is it okay to use in high performance bike engines?

    What are the differences?
    (can ethanol raise octane rating)

  2. I recommend you dont use it

    my bog stock 1996 for courier ute pings its head off using that stuff
  3. Yes ethanol will raise the octane but unless your bike is made for ethanol blends it has a good chance of doing unkind things to fuel hoses and seals.
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  4. Strictly looking from a performance point of view, E10 is not worth it.

    The RON rating is higher and can handle high compression ratios, but ethanol has less energy per gram and hence you need to use more of it.

    So, Unless you bike/car/whatever is designed for it, stay away from it its false economy

    Now E85... that's another story...
  5. i saw some with high octane- either 95 or 98
  6. Unless it specifically says in your original owner's manual that your bike is good to use with ethanol blend, to (say) 10% or more, then you shouldn't use it. It does tend to be harsh on parts of the fuel system, like hoses and bladders, plastic valves...

    If the choice is use ethanol or push the bike to the next servo, then use it. The bike will run fine. But put in just as much as you think you'll need, and then add (or fill up with) normal petrol as soon as you can. Try and dilute or use all the ethanol in it before you park and store the bike for any length of time.

    As a rule of thumb, I'd think newer bikes would tolerate it better than old ones, but I could be wrong there.

    I know this, from personal experience. If you use it in 2-stroke edge trimmers and whipper-snippers and stuff, they run just fine - but it does destroy all that clear plastic fuel line in just a few weeks of sitting around waiting to be used. Replacing all those plastic bits, plus labour, costs more than a new engine. All to save what? 50c - a dollar?
  7. ?? the difference between the cost of a TANKFUL of E10 and normal unleaded is more than 50c!! (But I know what you mean) I've found over the last few months with both car and bike that while normal fuel does cost more, I get more kays per tankful than with E10, so there is no economy gain with E10; it's cheaper but you have to use more of it.....
  8. I'm not talking regular e10, but high octane blend.

    Anyway, everything wears out fast enough without ethanol to help it
    so i probably won't use it
  9. Basically: Higher Octane alone is only beneficial in engines that have a high compression ratio and need it to prevent detonation. The Octane rating is just a measure of the fuels tendency to detonate.
    The reason you get more power is that in a high compression engine you get higher peak pressures but you need the fuel with sufficient octane rating to prevent detonation.
    There can be much more involved than this but i did say "basically".
  10. its an R6 so i don't want to run regular in it.

    I live near the airport and saw a WRX getting fuel at an internal BP station, don't know if it was 100 octane or avgas or something. Don't know how to get in there though.

    Low cost is not my aim, but performance, high octane rating and high energy density.
    If you want fuel economy, postie bikes are fabulous.

    ahh the smell of gasoline in the morning, smells like...Victory
  11. Interestingly, apparently unleaded up to 10% ethanol (that is E10) is suitable for a GS500. Well, the user manual says ethanol blends OVER 10% should not be used. Since E10 is MAX 10% ethanol, it should be suitable. I havnt tried it in mine, but im thinking i might and see how it goes.
  12. Have you checked on the recommended Octane Rating? You are well off needing AVGAS or Methanol fuels with an R6! Your bike has a fairly high compression ratio but possibly retards the ignition to accommodate some lower Octane fuels.
    You aren't suited for Ethanol fuels.
    At a rough guess (check the recommendation) I'd say 95 will do but check what is recommended. You can go higher, of course, but any difference may be virtually unnoticeable (except on your pocket).
  13. recommended is 95 octane

    Interesting that pure ethanol is 100% pure Vodka, but they add it to fuel to make it cheaper...

    good old excise tax hey

    people tonight will be paying through the nose for ethanol in all its consumable forms when it must be cheaper than $1.50 per litre (for 100% pure, not 40% or 5%)!!!!!!!

    The process for obtaining anhydrous ethanol (purer than 96%) is a lot more intensive so they may use 96% and remove the water after blending, i am not sure.
  14. Actually, its 100% pure rum, its made from sugar cane :D

    I used to use it, you need a permit from the ATO so you dont pay the same tax you do from the pub.
  15. true, but when we started stocking E100 at work we had to get a liqour license
  16. surely the pure stuff is denatured?

    when 4 cans full of cheapo orange soda with 3 drops of ethanol costs about $20,
    f uck it, just go and fill up the jerry can!!!
    its probably better than the stuff they put in the cans
  17. If its denatured, its not pure!

    I cant remember what we used to pay for it, but a 20 litre drum was under $100 from memory.

    When using it, gloves were a must cause it absorbs through your skin, and will give you a BAC reading even if you have not consumed any. We also had to use in a fume cupboard with a respirator so you did not get pissed on the fumes.
  18. So, all this talk of ethanol has me confused.

    What is pure vodka? Vodka is just a spirit being 40% ethanol, the remainding 60% being pretty much water. No way in hell will you be adding water to fuel.

    E100 is 100% pure ethanol by definition. I imagine it would be expensive too, because as far as I'm aware you can't distill ethanol to near 100% purity, you need some secondary purification like some molecular sieve.