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Etching Primer.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Manny, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. hi hi hi
    i was wondering if etching primers have certain heat tolerances, like paint.
    im spraying an engine part with some magical 500degree paint, i just applied the primer then thought. oh fcuk. do i need to be using special primer?

  2. Manny generally etch primer is only ment to be applied as a rule in two light coats it is designed to create a chemical key for following coats to give greater adhesion wooohoooo you wouldnt know im a spraypainter hey lol if you only applied it lightly you should be ok but as a rule most of the heat proof paints that i know of dont need an etch as they are self etching
    anyway hope it works out for ya

    Cheers BOB
  3. awes. thanks a lot for the info mate.

    could you answer a few more questions about other painting thingers??

    To get the original (16yo) paint off, im brushing on a thick jellylike stripper. it works ok, but it only takes off about 70% of the paint. This pisses me off, cos it looks nice n bubbly and eaten away, then it just partially comes off. Im not sure if im doing something wrong, or if the paint stripper i bought is shit. I apply it pretty generously, then leave it for a couple of minutes until it looks eaten.. but alas i fail. leaving it for longer doesnt really help much either.. am i retarded or is the paint stripper rubbish?

    im not sure if i should just spray the black on the old old paint - cos stripping paint is my arch nemesis. it really hurts when it gets on ur skin. lol.

    one more question if you would, in regards to rust.
    on the frame of the bike there is some rust under the paint. should i apply some rust killer chemical, then prime it, then spray it, or should i just grind it away with a dremil n spray paint it directly when its clean?

    thanks champ
  4. Sure Manny no probs mate Firstly a good trick when stripping paint is to rough up the area to be stripped with a course sand paper first so as to let the stripper bite deeper into the substrata youll find it helps secondly if you get stripper on your hands ! and i know your gonna say wat the ferk is this guy on but your own spit will nuetralize the burning quicker than water true try it lol
    . as for rust on ya frame mate i would rcomend a wire brush on a small angle grinder or drill then a rust killer usually containing Phosforic acid let it dry clean up with water if suggested on directions some dont then primer and paint to ya little hearts content heehee

    Cheers BOB
  5. Awesome, thanks a lot bluestorm and blakky, much appreciated.
    hopefully she'll be up n running (and relatively nicely painted) soon!