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etags and linked vehicles...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by junglist, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. i obtained an etag from the RTA about a month ago and put down the details of my bike and car on the form so that as far as i knew they were both linked to the tag by their number-plates.

    today i logged on to my etag account to check my balance and noticed that while i havent yet used the etag on my bike but have in the car, only my bike is listed as a 'linked vehicle.

    when i tried to add my car as another vehicle it gave me this message:

    " The number plate you have entered has been previously recorded against another account. The vehicle can only be linked to one E-Toll account. Please call the RTA Contact Centre for further information."

    yes it is an second hand ex-fleet car and it is currently registered to myself.

    now, if i were to un-knowingly leave my etag at home and drive through the toll gates, would the toll get charged to someone elses etag account?

    maybe the previous owner needs to keep track of their e-toll linked vehicles a little more thoroughly...
  2. Well one vehicle has to be primary, the other(s) as linked... is there any OTHER vehicle besides the bike and car you listed? If not, then they've taken the car as a primary and maybe that's why its not in the linked account?
  3. if you had a work tag that was canned it may be a furfy based on that. i had a work tag that was handed in and the account closed but the rta considerred me as an account holder for some reason. this caused an issue when i opened my own personal account.. if there were no tolls there would be no etag problems
  4. That means its registered under my Etag for the previous owner which is why you cant add one, which ALSO means they are still paying for it.

    Only reason I know cause this happened when I upgraded from my 250.
  5. These things will come back to bite you in the ass lol. Get it sorted.