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Etag question about Tolls with boom gates?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by newbie69, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I was advised by both the RTA and other riders that there is no need to carry an Etag on the bike.
    Instead I was told that providing the bikes plates are registered to your Etag account to drive throught the tolls and they will automatically charge it to your account.
    Anyway I came down the M2 this morning with the intention of getting off at the Maquarie Uni exit and was confronted with 2 toll boths both with boom gates.
    This left me with 2 options neither of which seem like the right thing to do.
    Follow closely through behind a car or swerve around the boom gates.
    Other than stopping and getting cash out what should I be doing in this situation as I would prefer to charges it to my Etag account?

  2. I have this question as well... apparently they will charge something like 70 cents everytime as a matching #plates fee, is it correct? :?
  3. I just used to go through the e lane without one and haven't seen an invoice for toll yet. Decided to registered with ROAM anyway for an etag and when i called them prior to getting it they said that bikes are exempt from the plate matcing fee and it in not possible for the tag to be mounted and work properly. This was also conrifmed on paper with the pack i got in the mail. On another note I have gone through about 15 tolls so far with the acount now setup starting about a month ago and my account hasn't had anything charged to it yet?
  4. Strange, I used to leave my etag in my jacket, and using the gates with etoll and cash (no change) it was working... one day it stooped working. And I needed to pay with cash (as I was there and cars behind me)... my seems to be working again as beeped in my car last time I travelled in the M4. Now i'm just using the express lane... but I still leave in my jacket the etag.
  5. I have the same problem at the same exit. I used to carry the tag and it worked but dont anymore. Now I have to go up to the next exit (lane cove road), its not too far. M2 best to be avoided though, especially on the bike. Blodsuckers!
  6. Harbour Bridge

    Hi All,

    I have gone across the harbour bridge on the bike a few times now in the bus lane. :?

    As I was unsure if this was legal because there was no one to pay money to. I looked it up and yes you can travel in the bus lane, but you must pay the toll.

    I do not have a e-tag, but the gate hasn't flashed and I have received no fines. Yet :?

    Could this be because I have been close to a bus?
    Or does the bus lane not have a camera as it is meant for e-tag buses?
    Anyone know the answer?

  7. I normally go the long way to work & only use the M2 of an afternoon to have the cost of the tolls however i have been riding through the E lane for the last month or so and am yet to be charged.
    Not sure if it takes them a few months to finally match them and charge them to your account....................?
    Might have to use the next exit in future so i can go through the E lane i suppose.
  8. There is no suitable waterproof etag and no way to effectively mount it on a bike - so no admin fee is charged/payable. Had about five notices in the mail for different bikes and regos. This is all with the RTA tag though.
  9. Re: Harbour Bridge

    Is it a bus ONLY lane? Cos we're not allowed in them.

    My bikes plate is registered to my account, AND i had my etag in my pocket, and got flash on the H bridge.
  10. To answer a few questions....it used to be that, as mentioned, as long as you have an account and have the bike regos(up to 2 without additional charge) linked to the account, then they are supposed to bill your account once they pull the rego.

    According to info the MCC received, what happens at the express lane gates is that it senses a vehicle, senses the size of the vehicle, polls for a tag, if it doesn't get a response it takes a picture. If it gets a response it levies the toll(based on the size of the vehicle eg. truck vs car) on the account. If it takes a picture, they have an automated system that reads the number plate, checks the database for a link to an account and then charges the account. It it doesn't find a link/account then it goes into the basket of people not paying, that whole 24hr thing to ring the number and pay. If that doesn't happen then they start the process of sending notices to the registered owner of the vehicle.

    The problem with bikes, and this is another instance that shows how little road planning there is for bikes, is that when they designed the number plate readers, they didn't take into account the smaller size of bike plates so most of the time the auto recognition doesn't work. These photos then go into a batch for manual processing.

    On top of all this, it used to be that they would send you a bill ordering you to pay or you could nominate an account that the tag was linked to - they didn't automatically do this! But because riders got wise to this and lots of people started doing this(not carrying a tag) the system got overloaded and at one point you'd be unlucky if a quarter of the bills ever turned up. Interestingly, the MCC was pretty happy about this because they have always campaigned that the toll on bikes should be 1/4 of that for cars. So in the long run, regular users were paying what was appropriate.

    About 6 months ago, something changed. I stopped getting the bills in the mail. I thought brilliant, the system has melted down. But no. For whatever reason, they have started linking the bike number plates with the accounts automatically. Whether that be because they have installed better resolution cameras or because the manual process is now linked into the database, I don't know. But ALL of my trips started automatically turning up on the bill.

    And just to confirm, tag/account or not, if you go around a gate or go through on the ass of another vehicle, it may not take a toll photo but you are absolutely breaking the law and if they have other surveillance(which you can just about be guaranteed of) you'd better expect to get pinged for it one day.

    And yes, if there is a "BUS LANE" then you can go through it. If it says "BUS ONLY LANE" then you can't.
  11. We have 3 regos on the one etag, the tag is only with the car and they (rta) haven't charge extra (yet).
    Also, answering to the OP "Etag question about Tolls with boom gates?" If the only gate available has a boom, you need to have that boom lifted so "cash or carry" :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Re: Harbour Bridge

    That red carpet in the harbour bridge is thereform us two wheelers (and buses, and taxis, and hire cars). So don't you worry about using it.

    The toll notices from the harbour bridge usually come about a month and a bit later. You can also get the toll periodic passm for the bridge and just use one of the change given lanes and show the pass to the oll operator and they will let you through and then jump back onto the red carpet.