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Eswens Exhaust Smoking?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by es, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. While riding into young uns today, someone mentioned my bike was smoking excessivly. I was just wanting to grab some more descriptive details on that one, and also try to find out what might be causing it.
    When its light, going to check my oil, and when I get home from work going to chuck it on the centerstand and run it for a bit to see if its smoking while stationary much.

    have also noticed its felt hotter than usual but that could just be cos its been warmer weather. nothing on the temp gauge, like it sits on middle of the gauge, but the exhausts feel like they are blowing hotter on my legs than usual. Like i said, probably just the weather though.

    So ideas and please those who were riding with me, what did you see exactly? light smoke, dark smoke, blue smoke, flames, darth maul?

  2. I didn't see any smoke on the way back from coffee. :?
  3. Because GPX250 don't have under seat exhaust :grin:
  4. Woosh....That one went straight over my head :cry:

    **EDIT**Ok I get it now, i'm a bit slow this time of night :LOL:
  5. Pearler .. love it :) Top stuff!
    Young-uns of today :roll: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. ya silly buggas :LOL:

    anyone got some conftructive advice, apart from "eswen should put a gearsak on her bike all the time to prevent people looking at the wrong places"?
  7. Without knowing what color smoke and when it happens it is almost impossible to guess what's causing it.


    Blue smoke - burnt oil.
    Black smoke - running too rich or getting too little air.
    White smoke - unburnt fuel.

    Puffs of blue smoke on the overrun... (gear changes too possibly) - suspect valves or valve guides.

    Constant blue smoke - suspect rings or worn bore.

    Black (or dark grey) smoke when accelerating - suspect mixture problems.

    Dunno how much help all that is... :)
  8. So going by what ZRX1200R said that would mean it's running rich or it's letting out unburnt fuel??
  9. i would say so
    though i have to check it again......just incase :grin:
  10. Es, generally smoke is a bad thing. :(

    If it only smokes when it's warming up then thats not of too much concern for now. If it is a constant thing or only at high rev's then I reckon the vavle guides may be gone.
    Really need to know what color it is to ascertain it's seriousness. ...... It may just be getting old. :( :(

    Grey smoke, generally means it's gunna turn blue soon. Just take it easy on the bike for a little while, change the oil & check it for any anomilies.

    When you put it on the stands, make sure its cold and then you can check it until running temp.
  11. Well I started up the gpx yesterday and there was no smoking at all.

    Im thinking its just the burnt fuel thing when i rev it hard.

    Or that kb was just pretending my exhaust was smoking so he could talk about it :p
  12. Keep us posted!! I'd like to hear what the final verdict is!
  13. get a dolphin tatt and a pair of hipsters :LOL:
  14. its a pain to ride in hipsters--- constantly pulling up ya pants at lights heehehe :butt: and plus some girls got the "mufffin" look going on not the greatest thing to see :-&
  15. ewwww, bandit that is not the image i want in my head this time of the morning :( :p

    Eswen did you find out what the problem was????, i forgot to ask you last night but i couldn't see any smoke when you left so i assume you've got it sorted out.
  16. i couldnt find anything wrong, and troy enlightend me that it was only when i was on high revs on the freeway that it did it. so id say no big deal.
  17. Hey Es,

    I was told our Gippie's burn a little oil when being pegged over 10k RPM. Something about it spashing in there at those revs to make the engine a little more bulletproof...
  18. ty bunny :) someone sent me a pm with that info already but good to have it in the thread too :)