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Eswen to Echuca (ride report)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by es, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Hey, Im heading down to echuca for an important day trip and was wondering if anyone from that way is headed up here, or vica versa... or if anyone wants to join me.
    Also need some ideas for routes.
    Thanks :)

  2. Have you studied the Karma Sutra, plenty of ideas in that read.
  3. :) hmmmm.... and I was just thinking of taking Monday off, just to piss my boss off. He's landing me with crappy little jobs to do monday while others just sit around (shush to all those who ask aren't you sitting around now :p, and i kinda did give him a "whatever" before :LOL: )...

    Let me know if its monday or tuesday.

    Knowing me i'll whimp out and goto work :cry:

  4. I'll be happy to show you round and get a drink....
  5. If you're taking the obvious route of going up the Calder through Bendigo then I'd recommend turning off early and going through Harcourt North (there's a sign pointing towards a winery just beofre the first steep hill after Harcourt). Very nice stretch of winding road through the granite hills which should eventually take you through Sedgwick, Mandurang and out onto the McIvor Highway at Junourton. Follow this east till you hit Axedale then turn left onto the Axedale-Goornong road which will take you onto the Midland Highway well North of Bendigo.
  6. There's one in every crowd :roll:

    As a regular traveller to Moama (just over the Murray) in a car I go up the Calder to Kyneton then up the Heathcote Rd through Redesdale to (funnily enough) Heathcote. Then up the northern Highway about 10km and onto the Heathcote-Rochester Rd which runs parallel to the Northern but is quieter and less policed.

    I then head straight up the Northern Highway into Echuca. There are some nice twisties for 20km either side of Heathcote to enjoy but beware of oncoming traffic on the narrow bits.

    I've also tried going up the Hume through Wallan & Kilmore to Heathcote but found going up to Kyneton is a good 20-30 minutes quicker, especially on holiday weekends when the Northern is gridlocked with caravans and day trippers.

    A mate told me there's a better way from Kyneton (as in twisties) but I haven't had a chance to ask him the exact roads to take yet.

    Oh, fuel is available at Redesdale, Heathcote & Rochester only my route dodges most of the towns.

    2nd Oh, if you want to test your navigation & riding skills then go for a run over Mt Alexander while up that way. Now that's a Nirvana road if ever I saw one :D
  7. at this stage it looks like it will be tuesday as I have school stuff due monday :(
    sounds good camo :) Ill pm you soon.

    I may end up doing a boring highway stint due to time constraints... How many Ks is it there and back? Ive never been to echuca before.
  8. Echuca to Bendigo is only about 100kays, Bendigo to Melbourne is probably another 150 or so (should almost be able to make it without filling up).
  9. I've done Taylor's Lakes to Moama in just under two hours in nanna mode (driving at speed limit) add around 20-30 minutes from your part of the world.

    go to here http://www.nowwhereroute.com/tourismvic/RoutePlanner

    Then enter the following towns/locations

    I'm not clever enough to post the map with a direct link and the correct route but no doubt someone on here has and will share how it's done.

    Corop is not actually on the road I had to add it to force the software to pick the right road from Heathcote to Rochester.

    Ignore the distance & time stuff as has added the km's for both options (via Heathcote & via Bendigo) together.
  10. So I rode to Echuca last Thursday
    I ended up taking the Hume and some other highway to get there, cos I left later than I wanted to.

    Now this may sound like it'll be boring, but in fact the trip was quite entertaining!

    I eventually hit the freeway at around 11am,after several delays...

    Ok ok, it got boring after awhile... until i discovered the entertainment involved in the SPLAT game!!!! This is truly THE most awesome game ever, right up there with head bashing competitions.
    In my first 10ks after commencement of the game, I got 12 audible splats. In my second count, 11. then I got a little bored with regular splat and decided to try something new.

    I rolled my head from shoulder to shoulder to see if I got more bugs. I managed to keep the head thing up for around 3 ks before i decided it was getting dangerous.
    But in all that time I only got one audible splat!!!

    Reaching 115ks into the trip, and I got the inevitable bug in my helmet. Almost ran off the road trying to dislodge it.
    Opened the visor and it seemed to have gone so I closed it again... then it flew into my eye.

    I’m sure it was involved in the conspiracy with the under pant gnomes.

    Finally I managed to rip it out, in time to see 3 riders heading towards melb. The bastards were all snobs and only one nodded back, although he may have just been trying to dislodge a bug or something.

    Roadworks were the next notable entertainment. Slowed to 80ks then when I accelerated to 100ks I got 7 splats in just one k!!

    My next sight was at 157ks. I got a twig inside my helmet. Again, UNDERPANTS GNOMES!!!!!! I didn’t know they were so prolific in country areas these days.
    Further evidence of the gnome conspiracy was provided in the form of some leafy twigs that managed to drop down the back of my pants while I was stretching. Now that was fun to get out. Managed to keep my knickers this time though.

    Nothing much else happened on the way there, did some damn fine stretching while riding through some town; the old arse wiggle, the leg drag, the pillion peg, and the shoulder roll were all incorporated in my routine.

    Finally I arrived in Echuca. 236km exactly, since I fueled up in Fairfield.
    Did my thing and headed home. Trip back was uneventful, although I almost hit a snake, and then almost ran over a length of chain.

    Further entertainment was provided in the form of kill count –
    2 unidentifiable carcasses in the middle of the road, by the size id assume kangaroos.
    1 rabbit (thought there would be more)
    1 fox
    5 kangaroos
    2 maggies

    Alive I spotted one snake

    Miscellaneous – A chain in the middle of my lane. Very big and very sharp looking.

    Trip time was (less than) 2 hours there, 3 hours back.

    Total ks: 456

    Got home at 6pm (had peak hour traffic to deal with)

    Cleaned all the bugs from my helmet, damn that was fun, then headed off to see The Magician. :D

    Took photos but you cant see the full extent of my buggyness.

  11. A sparkling, if slighty macabre road report, eswen, you managed to include every single necessary element except perhaps a mention of chocolate!!!
  12. sounds very interesting. and a good day, you must of only had one gnome in the boot. cause if you had 2 one gets on each side of you and your underwear dissappears. you'll go to get off your bike and go.

    "shit, i could've sworn i slept in something last night."

    delays being?

    you get down there with one tank of gas? or is the fuel problem still goin?

    one day, i will catch one of those GODDAMN UNDERPANTS GNOMES and trap him in a big glass container and have an underwear party around the bastard just so he has to watch. dw i'll take pics to prove they exist.
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


    3 ks, you must've been really bored :LOL:

    or crazy :shock:
  14. are you sure all of these animals were dead..... did you poke them with a stick....... :? maybe they were just tired and need a sleep :wink:

    but on a serious note gotta congratulate you on hitting all of those poor little animals... i know 1 kangaroo is hard enough is hard enough too clean up never mind 5 of the little buggers :LOL: :LOL:
  15. So 236kms in less than two hours, obviously no speed cameras out that day then :wink:
  16. youre forgetting the 110zones :p
    I suppose they could have been... and the blood and guts around them must have been just tomato sauce?

    I did say "saw" :p

    evidence in support of that statment has already been provided :LOL:
    *cough* you obvioulsy dont know much about my sleeping habits :p
    nup, fueled up in echuca
    I didnt say anything about my lunch now did i :LOL: