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Essential Motorcycling Items - For Bike or Garage

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Insan3, May 1, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    As a new rider, I was wondering what everyone thinks are essential items to have, being a bike rider. I don't basic mean things like helmet, jacket, etc, but things that you find handy/useful or increase safety/secure on occasions.

    Like - Spare Jerry Can of Fuel at home, Disc Locks, Torque Wrench......

    Let me know what things I should be going out and making sure I have - just in case. :)
  2. Well i have a basic set of spanners and screwdrivers that are always in my tanks back,

    have needed them both time if had an oops.

    other than that....mobile phone?
  3. Beer Fridge.....
  4. I keep a small tool box under my pivilion seat. Thats about it since I have very limited space. I like to keep my gloves there when I go somewhere.
  5. Quality set of Alen Keys and stumpy #2 Philips & stumpy medium flat screw drivers. Tyre pressure guage. Other than these, just regular metric tools.
  6. In penance for my first frivolous post.. :oops: get a really good tyre pressure gauge. Incorrect tyre pressure is a bigger contributor to poor handling than just about anything else. Get a good brass wire brush, it will remove oxidization from cast alloy without marking it. Get a good steel wire brush too, it will keep the rust off the non-contact part of your brake rotors. Oh and put one of those small LED torches in your toolkit, if you have a problem at night it's pointless having tools in the bike if you can't see a bloody thing.
  7. Mobile Phone and RACV/RACQ membership :grin:
  8. A roll of electrical tape and gaffa tape! After a stach these things will help you patch your bike together, if at all possible. I know! :grin:

    Seriously though, I always have these things with me. I keep them under the pillion seat.

  9. gaffa tape, zippy ties, chain lube
  10. +1. I got a blowout in my cage bout 3 months ago, it was midnight and it was the heaviest rain for about a year. I found my jack and my wheel brace, but do you think i could find my lock nut bit? Found it after 30 mins of searching, nearly gave up. 5 mins later the spare was on and i was cursing my way home.

    Also a can of WD40. If it moves and its not supposed to, use duct tape, if its supposed to move and doesn't, use wd40.
  11. Chain lube, oil, oil drip tray, and like others have said spanners etc.
  12. I carry a small first aid kit, a puncture repair kit, a basic set of tools, a torch and some gaffa tape and cable ties.

    If I can't fix it (or me) with that lot then it's really time to be calling on the mobile for help... which is where the RACV/Ambulance membership comes into it :LOL:
  13. your bikes toolkit

    occy straps

    plastic bag(s)

  14. Occy straps and a gearsack rack.

    Spanners and a small socket set are good. Other than that an Impact wrench and GOOD quality allen key set, not a cheap $2 one.

    Torx bits if your bike uses them.
  15. If you own a Honda, then a $99 membership to Honda Assist
    Premium Roadside Assitance

    Should the need arise, we will be there to help you on your way - via State Motoring Organisations.

    24 hour, 365 days a year Australia wide Roadside Assistance

    Unlimited Call Outs

    Mechanical Assistance.
    Non - Mechanical Assistance with:
    - Wheels / Tyres
    - Lockout
    - Out of fuel
    - Flat battery assistance
    FREE towing to local Authorised Honda Dealer or local motoring organisation's service facility.
    Personal Incident Management Services:
    - Accommodation
    - Car rental or Vehicle Recovery
    - Medical Repatriation
  16. Hey thanks Paul - I'll be looking into that for sure! :)

    Also - +1000 on the torch if you're going to be riding in the dark. Mine came in handy when I came off at night on a quiet country rd. Helped me see and fix what damage had been done.
  17. oil for top ups
    smart battery charger
    foot pump
  18. pual do you have any details so that i can enquire about this?

    also if you have a honda first spanner to make sure you put in the tool kit is a 8mm ring spanner, no honda seems to have one in the kit and it is very much needed
  19. Think I'm going to get a honda next :D

    And probably a good idea to stick my minimag light in the underseat tool kit...

    Puncture repair kit is a great idea to keep under your seat. I don't have one because I'm stupid, but I should..
  20. Ever tried calling them? The extent of support received by someone I know wasn't worth the card the membership was printed on, and definitely not the money paid for the service.

    "Hi there! We don't fix bikes. You've got 8km, where do you want to be towed?" Great service @ 8pm 60km from home. Why bother? Might as well just leave the bike there and ring a friend/cab. It's not like there's any bike shops open at that time of night. :p