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Essendon to city. What cc scooter to get

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by brothermuffin, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. hello scooter gods,

    I live in Essendon, Vic (next to glenbervie station)
    I am planning to get a scooter to go to work city (around swanston st)..

    I dont know what cc i should get. I am also in a budget.. hehe
    Any recommendation guys?

  2. Well, first things first - what is that budget?

    No point me suggesting a $7,000 aprilia if you can only afford $500.

    In terms of engine size, look through the previous posts on scooters. The general theory tends to be minimum of 125/150cc for inner city stuff and even more if you want regular freeway trips.
  3. Best value would be to take the train. But if you're dead set against that idea (like me) then a larger scoot would be better as you'd follow the same route I do. That is onto the freeway from either Bell St or Moreland road to flemington road, then into elizabeth street.
    Because of the 100kph stint, I'd suggest a 125cc 2 stroke or 250cc 4 stroke as minimum.
  4. haha budget? 7000? i wish..

    well iwas thinking more of 2k - 3k *dodge boos and chairs

    what u guys think? the train? or save up and up my budget?

  5. 150cc minimum. Mate you will get eaten alive out there on anything underpowered. The mrs scooter is 171cc and i can easily lane split and beat cars at the lights.. :shock:
  6. I'm not an expert on Melbourne, but part of the fun of scootering is taking the back streets and taking it slow, is there a reasonable alternative route through (say) Moonee Ponds and Ascot Vale that catsgrave could take?

    If the budget is $3k for a new scooter there are only a couple of choices at the 125cc level - being the Bug Agility or the Vmoto Monaco. Also remember you will need rego, insurance, protective clothing to budget for as well.
    Otherwise you are stuck with a 50cc - and that means you stick to 60kph roads.
  7. Does it have to be new?

    You'll get a pretty decent 2nd hander for $3k I reckon.

    But bigger is ALWAYS better :twisted:

  8. Braddo and triway both make good points.

    In your budget you are very limited. That amount of money really is in the 50cc price range. However as Braddo said you can get a Vmoto or the Agility.

    That raises triways point of a second hand scoot. I dont know about Melbourne but here in Perth the used scooter market is pretty active and there are always many second hand scoots around. $3000 should get you something reasonable on the second hand market. Go check out the dealers first because many people simply trade up.
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    Thats fantastic! :)

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  12. thanks for the advise guys..

    i guess i will save and up my budget to get a 150cc scooter... hmm but the
    125s sounds tempting. as you all mention.. i still need to factor into my budget rego, gear, insurance (god i wish i dun have too heheh)

    but i am not looking for a brand new 1 probably a secondhand..

    what do you guys think about getting a second hand 150cc or 125cc scooter + helmet and probably 1 jacket with the budget of 5k? still too much to ask?


    my god the 750 vespa is insane..
  13. I have a Yamaha Aerox - 100cc. It's a 2-stroke but I have no issues with it.

    It's small but does take-off from the lights without any problems. Even managed to out-dragged a few 250's sometimes.
  14. I've had a couple of scoots over the last while, started with a 50cc Today, then moved up to a 125cc Bolwell arriba. Both were nice scoots, the 50cc was a bit of a waste of time because unless you're built like a stick insect (or always ride down hills with tail wind) 60km/h is a bit of an ask. That said though, the today was excellent for weaving through jammed traffic on sydney road (the commute from ascot vale to south bank).

    The 125cc is a differnt kettle of fish, even with a fat B@stard on it, it'll happily chug around @ 60-80 with no problems, once you start travelling 100-110km/h the fuel economy on the bolwell gets fairly ordinary (when compared to more sedate speeds).

    The today50 was purchased new and i got rid of it before i notched up 500km on it. I bought the bolwell with closer to 8000km (full service history) for $1500 chang-over and it's been running like clockwork since.

    If you keep your eyes out and buy smart you should be able to come away with a 125cc scoot and all the necessary safety gear. If most of your riding will be in the 40-80km/h limit areas will cover your bases and cost less than the $1100 odd you'd be paying for a FF/zone 1/yearly met card!
  15. My freind you only need a 150cc to get you well and trully on your way. Take a trip into the city and have a look at your options.. You can pick up a nice 150 bolwell shark for that sort of mony , and that will do 100kph easy... I should know as i owned 1 for a year and traveled on many freeways, back streets and even into the country side. you can always pick up a good bike as most of us upgrade after a while... Go and see the boys at scoota city, nice guys they will look after you...
  16. Yep Wayne's on the mark with scoota city. I bought the first scoot from Peter Stevens in the city...wasn't at all pleased with that experience so I wouldn't recommend going there for anything other than to sit on bikes/scooters. The yamaha dealership next door and scoota city fall under the same ownership umbrella...if you ask for Chris in the Yamaha dealership he was very helpful in selling me the scoot I have now (from scoota city)...he might try and persuade you into buying a VTR though ;-)
  17. Get a TGB, we proved they are reliable in the scooterthon :)