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Essendon / Strathmore rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Biker Fred, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Finally decided to join, been riding fast for about 25 years so far so good. Have an Aprilia Falco. Generally ride the Spur, Broadford, Yea, Whitfield. Apollo Bay is grouse but takes too long for the fun stuff.
    Anyhow any comments on how to get together with like minded people on some good rides would be appreciated. Have had heaps of bikes, VF750, GPX750, 2x Blades, 2xFZR1000's (my fav), Triumph Sprint, and current steed V Twin 1000 Falco. Love my riding looking for new adventures.

  2. gday fred what city? youve come to the rite place
  3. obviosly melbourne
  4. Hiya Fred, and welcome. Love the 'Priller.

    ResmeN's idea sounds good - build it and they will come (weather dependent :grin:)
  5. Hi Fred, welcome to NR mate.
  6. Hi Fred and welcome to NR
  7. G'day bud and welcome aboard.