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Esra gets a bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Esra, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    New here, so thought I'd post up and say hello.

    Just bought a 07 silver CBF-250 to get me through my learners, can't wait to get my hands on it.

    Not the fastest bike but with my skill level where it is I'm plenty happy about that!

    Any suggestions for good accessory and service places around Parramatta?

    I was going to use Action Motorcycles for services but after the service i got trying to buy a bike there I won't bother.

    They have some good deals on gear though. About $950 all up for Ixon Jacket, Shark helmet, boots gloves and Draggin camo pants.

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  2. Welcome to Netrider, and riding.

    One constant of this business is that if you don't like someone's service, you always have other choices.
  3. Awsome! Another rider around my area! Hello!
  4. Gday Esra, Actions are probably 1 of the worst companies in Sydney for motorcycles so avoid them like the plague, u can read all the negative stuff about them in Businesses and Service Providers, for motorcycle gear, i recommend bikebiz, just dont buy bikes there or get a service there, but for motorcycle gear they are pretty good, also u can go to MCAS in Auburn, place is massive, http://www.mcas.com.au/pw/pages/home.php

    For servicing and repairs, i recommend this bloke
    He comes to your house to do all the work, most people are worried about shop mechanics because they cant see the work getting done if any is getting done at all, what better way than sitting there with him and watch what hes doing, nice bloke to with over 20 years experience
  5. I got all my gear last night. Got the lot for $940 from MCAS in Auburn. Place is huge and the sales people were really good.

    Got Helmet, Tinted Visor, Jacket (with water puch built-in), Draggin Pants, Boots and Gloves.

    Ended up with all RJays gear, except the pants. Not by design, only realised when I got home!

    Here's what I got:-

    Helmet (Mine has a dark visor, i hate the sun in my eyes!):




    http://www.dragginjeans.net/product/classic for men

    And yes I am very excited and doing bugger all work today, just thinking about Tuesday and getting on the bike! (wish it was the one in the pic of the jeans!)

    The gear is bloody hot! But i guess it's meant for travelling at 80kph, not sitting on a couch.
  6. So does your wife who works in the emergency department approve of your new lifestyle?
  7. Yeah she's alright with it. Knows I'm not a tool who's going to ride like an idiot.

    If I was doing it when i was 18 would have been a different matter. But then again at 18 you can find a way to kill yourself pretty much anywhere!
  8. You have a thing about people dying, don't you? With all your 'concern' for the tassie rider, I think you should stick to scooters. That way you won't have to worry about speeding, cos god forbid, a baby might die somewhere for every 5 kays you exceed the limit.

    Think of the children goddamn it!
  9. Let's see if he will think this way if he moves on up to a 4 pot screamer later on.