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Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by NotHisRealName, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. EatSleepRIDE (ESR) is an app that has been on the iPhone for some time, but has only just made it to Android.

    For those that aren't familiar, it works as a kind of 'social media' for motorbikes, with riders being able to upload routes or places of interest, host group rides, or post about tips/tricks and reviews.

    Some of the features of the base app include GPS tracking of other riders in your group (using the app), so you can see if someone is trailing behind, or taken a wrong turn. You can also turn on your location giving others an idea of your current location (within 8-16 kilometers - to help maintain some privacy), or turn this feature off and remain hidden.

    You can record a ride that will give you GPS data (speed, map and time) and the iOS version will also provide you with lean angle when reviewing your days ride. I've not seen lean angle reported on the Android version, but it's coming.

    There's also an optional subscription service called 'Crashlight Pro' that, when set up, will automatically send alerts to family/friends of your current whereabouts, should you take a spill. I've seen some reviews of Crashlight Pro that show how specific is is - so it won't go off if you drop your phone. But, by the same token, I've read of an alert being sent by someone falling off a near-stationary bike. It gives you a 30second countdown so you can cancel the alert or, after that time it send your GPS coords and a message either by email, sms, or voice message. A great feature for solo riders and the primary reason I've adopted the app.

    The subscription fee for Crashlight Pro is about $6.99USD for a year, or $15.99USD for an unlimited subscription.

    Currently the Android version is in a 'Public Beta Testing Phase'. So, while there are still some kinks, it's cheap. The iOS version has been going for a couple of years now, so should be pretty flawless.

    One downside to the app is that it's relatively unused here in Australia so, at least in SEQueensland, there are few rides and locations listed. The upside to this is that there's the potential to be someone's hero by showing them a new route for a weekend ride, and getting in on the ground floor.
  2. Interesting.

    Sounds a lot like the "Rever" app that someone highlighted here a couple of months back. I downloaded it for a look, and it was pretty dead as far as Australia goes.

    I might check this one out too.
  3. I'm pretty active on it - in an attempt to help get traction.
    YouTuber MrAusAdventure is a registered user, but hasn't posted anything about the app yet - which might help.

    You can register on the website for free, and access all the info there if you want to check it out for content.
  4. Just downloaded it. Thank you.
  5. I've been waiting for this to come to Android for ages. Just bought it :)
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  6. I can see potential issues with battery life etc. but I have to admit, it would be a whole lot better than sending scouts out looking for missing riders, especially when they aren't actually missing.
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  7. USB port
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  9. it looks interesting and I'll get the app....thank you whatever your real name is! (y)