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ESPN's crap coverage of the Indianapolis 500.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, May 31, 2010.

  1. Sorry if this is not the right forum, but I am just so ticked off, I have to complain to someone and you guys are good listeners.

    I've been watching Indy live on TV since about 1967, though I have missed the last few. I don't have to go to work today so I stayed up this morning to watch the 500. It started at 0300 local time. I watched the whole telecast on ESPN and I reckon I'd be lucky if I saw HALF of the race. For the whole 4 hours it was 2 minutes of racing and 4 or 5 minutes of advertising. Most of the important momemts in the race happened while they were away at ad breaks and most of the ads we ESPN self-promotions.

    I am just so steamed I can't even begin to tell you. I've sent them an email which they will ignore, but at least someone there will read it and see how pissed I am.

    I will never watch it again as long as ESPN has the broadcast rights.

  2. .. but who won .... ??
  3. ESPN has always been heavy on self promoting advertising and limited sports content.
  4. Yes I have given up on watching anything on ESPN. They are useless.
  5. Indy 500? Is that where they drive around in a circle for hours on end? If so, you didn't miss much!

    But I sympathise, MotoGP coverage has also been terrible, the first two were horrendous, we missed all the good crashes :)

    Is that Channel 10's fault or the people who are manning the cameras on the ground?
  6. I used to watch Pikes peak and Drag racing coverage on ESPN and the Indy 500, gave up on the Channel years ago.
    Way to much advertising!!

    Scary thing to try, try turning to ESPN any time, you will almost every time hit an advert, never any sport.

    But Pay TV in general is being over loaded with advertising, you get Pay TV to get less advertising, not more!

    And for pity's sake, enough of the of the life Insurance and Funeral plan Adverts!!!!!
  7. Record the races and fast forward the ad breaks.