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Escort Home...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tooley, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. So.. I decided it was such a lovely day that i take a couple of hours out and ride in from Yallambie and have a look at the Festival of Italian Motorcycles located in between the Museum and the Exhibition building today. Saw some really nice old duke's including about five new 1098s, some MVAgusta's, Moto Guzzi's etc..... It was then I thought that it was such a fine day that I might ride along the Esplanade from Port Melbourne to ST Kilda........ Before I realised it, I was in Frankston. Where too now? Well, why not head across to Koo Wee Rup, Cockatoo then head towards Healsville....OK, not a bad ride (have done it the other way a couple of times). Well I ended up at Yarra Glen and decided to head home and go through Kangaroo Ground and Eltham.

    Just as I left Yarra Glen I noticed in my rear mirror a lovely white BMW with red and blue lights attached.... Well, he sat in my mirror all the way through the twistie stuff, and the change in speed limits, and the overtaking spot's (few and far between), then when we reached Kangaroo Ground he did a U-Turn and headed off.

    So, the questions I have are:

    1: Have any other riders experienced their own personalised escort....?
    2: Have any other riders been tailed for that long and NOT been pulled over...?

    and, Mr Policeman if you are reading....

    I'd just like to thank you for making sure I made it safely through the Motorcycle Blackspot Area and made home in time for dinner.... :grin:

  2. It was Christine Nixon, showing her care.
  3. Tooley, you must have just looked dangerous and about to cause a fracas somehow.......... :? the sooner we rid Victorian roads of your type the better.

  4. Don't you have tickets on yourself...

    It's a beautiful day, he's on a motorcycle, and took the same route through the twisties that YOU did.

    What if he wasn't following you? He was doing LAPS! And on some nice darn roads too by the sound of it. Best bit was, YOU had to go home, but HE was still getting paid!

    We've had coppers following us on rides through some of the locals here in Adelaide too, even burn past and have a go at the front for a bit, before waving us through a few k's later!
  5. I've had a motorcycle copper purposely stay in my blind spot for a couple of k's, but never been followed further. That was rather annoying too.
  6. A mate and I went up the St Andrews - Kinglake road today. Stopped a couple of times (his bike was crap!) and generally went pretty darn slow. We had the same bike as you describe come past us, (and he looked like he was having some fun too!) and then do a U turn at the Kinglake roundabout and head straight back down again.

    He did sit behind my mate on his 23 year old Honda vtwin 250...

    So maybe he was tailing all the people on CRAP bikes... :p

    So if an old beat up 250 only warranted tailing for a few minutes... What kind of Cr*p heap would he follow THE WHOLE WAY!?! :shock: :LOL:
  7. I've had unmarked cars follow me for a fair while. not a marked car nor bike.

    but we had a bike cop trying to chase someone on the spur heading into healsville and we had a photo of him scrapping his pannier *sparks*
  8. he was making it more dangerous for you
    1 you kept looking in your mirror and behind your back, than the front
    2 and when you didnt look at him, your eyes were fixed on the speedo

    I think It would be much safer to just keep your eyes on the task and ride to the conditions, not the needle
  9. I agree TAX123, I have had the Blind SPot - oh now not blind spot - oh here we go in the blind spot again, so on and so forth ' tail once before, on the way down to Geelong... and for God Sake I was riding with one eye on the mirrors and the other on the speedo liek you said..... It was draining and a little annoying AFTER 10MINUTES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!..... and then he takes off like a bat out of hell past all of us clustered together sitting on 99.876 km/h.

    I dunno? Do they radio in a licence check and wait back for details whilst hovering? or did he see the L Plate and think "lets set the expectation now" for this wet back rider? I didnt even get the nod as he rode past, alas.....
  10. i'm guessing radio'ing in the plates is likely. Apparently theres a LOT of unlicenced/registered riders around the traps.

    if it bothers you, pull over and you'll find out quickly if theres going to be super fun sexy times.
  11. people follow me everywhere.

  12. Tooley maybe they just liked the look of your bum and decided to perve for a bit. :butt:
  13. :worthlesspics:
  14. Nuh [​IMG]

    Are there anymore assumptions you gonna pull outta ya n00b arse? [​IMG] [​IMG]

    OP does not say nor indicate cop made riding his bike dangerous
    OP does not say nor indicate he kept checking mirrors.
    OP does not say nor indicate he was looking behind his back.
    OP does not say nor indicate his eyes were fixed on his speedo.

    Irrelevant when your entire post is based on unfounded assumptions.

    Same applies to you n00b [​IMG]
  15. I read all the posts above with a bit of a smirk to be honest.......

    1) Perhaps he was simply enjoying the ride up through the twisties, and was frustrated that he had to share the road with you. Hence his U Turn to go back and do it again. I mean..... cops are human too..... mostly! :p

    2) If you were worried, why not slow down a little, pull to the left, and let him past?

    And also;

    He might have been a Male Stripper, dressed as Pancho from C.H.I.P's, lost on his way to the Hens Night!! :butt:

    Ya never know!!!


  16. I wrote the post with a slight smirk....

    At no point was I worried or scared that he was behind me.....Just that I found it interesting that he would tail me for so long, with 2 cars ahead of me, and not pull me over for a licence or rego check.

    sLowbrian.....I think you may be on to something with the stripper thing! :p
  17. hehehe this is a funny thread and brings back memories...

    About 7-8 years ago, I went for a nice ride 'cause the day was so sunny etc.

    On my way to King Lake just before that really tight section with the cliff drop off, I got tagged onto from behind by a big white copper bike until I pulled over at Kinglake and you guess it he pulled in beside me.

    Right, this is what was going on in my head, I was on a 250 restriction (naughty naughty), I was riding my ex's YZF600 (Probably without her permission :LOL: ) and I just had a cop followed me and pull up next to me.... I was REALLY starting to freak out man. Heart racing, pooh trying to escape....

    What happended... He put on his cap (May have looked at teh rego sticker on the bike), started conversation...what a nice day etc, said that there was rain approaching from Yea way and told me a war story about an old police bike that got the death wobbles easy, quite funny. And then he left.

    I had a calming soft drink and avoided Yea on the way home.

    Top afternoon that... :p