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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by chris4wally, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Hi all, 43 years old and living in Millthorpe (NSW) only man in the house with 5 women(3 teenagers). Have been wanting to get back on a bike for years, only previous experience as a teenager for about 5 years on the old XR75. Body finally packing it in with sport, need a new escape (see above). Been to the RTA to pay for pre learner course, must be popular this side of the mountains. Took 3 calls over 2 weeks to get a look in and then course is not untill late June in Bathurst. Can't wait!
    Will look forward to some advice later on the best bike for a 6ft1 100kg newbie. (wiil post on the newbie forum later)
    Looks like a great site.
    Cheers CB

  2. Poor guy. :LOL: There's 4 of us in this house - gets interesting at times!

    All the best with the pre-learners...keep us posted on how it goes. :)
  3. 5 women ay?

    How you doin?
    Either your ooozing charm or you've got the whole "Woody Allan" thing happening man (If so, please tell me your secret), Or your talking about your wife n kids.

    Anyhow Welcome mate! Never to late to get back on the horse!

    Ride safe and have fun!
  5. Hiya Chris, I am the opposite, they are all males in my household and I reckon that's a good thing too :LOL:

    Good luck with the pre-learners. Maybe you could keep ringing in between and try and pick up a cancellation?
  6. Welcome, both here, and back. Lots of guys recapturing old experiences, and none better than riding.

    May I suggest that you will need a full-sized naked bike for your machine, and the best choice would be a 250 Honda Hornet.
  7. Welcome, CB :grin:

    Bummer you have to wait so long for you pre-L's, it's frustrating. Just spend the time hanging out on Netrider and dreaming of the fun times to be had once you get your bike.

    That's if you can get near the computer, if your teen girls are anything like mine :roll: 4 of us girls and 3 boys in my tiny house, no wonder I need a bike :LOL:

  8. why when theres lams i'm 6'1 and weight not much less had the suzuki gs500f found it to be a absolutely fantastic bike to learn to ride on, if your into the whole cruiser thing have a look at the xvs650 yamaha vstar

    but being your age in nsw you only need to hold your L's for 3 days then you can sit your P's which if you have a unresticted gold license for the cage you wont have any restictions so can go out and buy anything you like :grin:

    oh and welcome to the obsession
  9. gday Chris I know the feeling outnumbered 2 to 1 here but ya gotta love em

    I just got back on two wheels again last week myself, feels goooood to be back in the saddle again
  10. There in lies the problem of bying a LAMS bike and keeping it for a short time and maybe wanting to upgrade in 6 months or so. Or getting the P's and bying what you want straight off. Interesting dilema.
  11. Didn't book the course for 5 (or at least everyone 16 and over)?
    The more the merrier.
    I imagine they will get inspired by your new purchase.
  12. welcome to the forums...

  13. Buy a Z 650 and it will be worth what you paid for it in six months...or you may just never part with it!

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Welcome!

    Regards, Andrew.[/quote]

    Not familiar with the z 650, I assume it is a Kawasaki. Add it to the multitude of bikes I am looking at.
    Not interested in cruisers. Sports tourer or naked seems to be where I am heading. Would prefere something the other half can come on later when I gain more experience.
  15. Thanks for the web site. Had a look on bike sales and bike point but could only find the z750