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Escape from the room!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by echoball, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. a week too late there
    It's already been posted and a few of us got out.
  2. i hate to ask but its craving me crazy.. how
  3. which bit are you stuck on?
  4. i dont know what to do with the red box... the ring fits in there but thats about it... lol this is so silly
  5. find the steel rod, it also goes in the box. can't find the other ring yet though.
  6. where did you fidn the steel rod lol... is it under the bed cawz i cant get there
  7. Well ya have to find the other ring and the bar that also go in there....

    One is quite easy to find, the other i think is ridiculous...

    The bed and the curtains are places you should be lookin.
  8. click around the pillow once you have raised it. Where is that other effing ring! b@stard of a thing...
  9. the steel rod u mean battery?
  10. nope.................................
  11. Ah HA! The other ring!
  12. that was stupid how i found the second ring..i had music on so i didnt hear the sound thingy
  13. so you watch some gumby dance, then what? this is silly
  14. Its silly but if we dont solve it we wont b able to sleep...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  15. What do we do next? AFter the goof dancing.. why did u post it up echo
  16. thats a bastard of a game!! :shock:

    i'm such an a$$hole, i'm gunna spread that around to everyone i know.... mwahahahahahahahhahahaha :twisted:
  17. watch the dancing closely......it might tell you where to click your mouse after the dancing clip has finished.
  18. found the safe, how do i get the bloody combination?
  19. the number used to be on the website in that url
    combo is 1994