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NSW Esafety Check exhaust too loud?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RedWings01, May 19, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just got the letter in the mail a few days back saying I have to renew my rego and need an inspection. Didn't cross my mind until now that I have a staintune exhaust on my VTR250. Will this be too loud to pass the inspection or do they not bother with it? My bike came with the staintune exhaust so I don't have the stock one.

  2. Not likely , just roll it into the workshop in neutral and shut it off as early as u can.
  3. Alright, Also I've booked my bike in for a service before rego runs out. Do most motorcycle mechanics do the inspections? I've heard that car mechanics can do the inspections too but am not sure.
  4. Do you have the baffle insert that comes with most Staintunes ?
  5. just take it to where you get it serviced and you should be ok. my honda vtwin had ridiculously loud V&H pipes and I never had an issue with a rego inspection .
  6. Yeah, I still have the baffle with me. The stupid me didn't think 2 weeks into the future forgetting I have to pass an inspection.... Will be putting the baffle back in.
  7. Should be fine with it in.
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  8. Ok thanks for your help guys. Relieved that I don't have to go searching for a stock exhaust....
  9. Rego inspection?? What do they check on those? Ive never had one, but for rego inspection surely all they're checking is for corresponding engine and chassis numbers? I mean its rego, not roadworthy??
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  10. From what ive heard they just check to make sure all the lights are working. Tyre tread etc
  11. There's a lot of motorcycles out there with after-market exhausts that get passed every inspection. Baffle in, and if you've got it, the Staintune restrictor.
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  12. Did some digging through that link you posted.

    Quote from their website.

    "IMPORTANT: 99% of Staintune systems are compliant under the Stationary Noise Test i.e. Are under
    The legal requirement at the test RPM for the bike they are intended for."

    Perfect :D
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  13. I call the one in my Strom the "citizen bung", though it's the "large volume" version.
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  14. RedWings01RedWings01 NSW I imagine? If you've got a mechanic you take the bike to he'll be able to pink slip it for you and if you're his customer I don't reckon he'll ping you for exhaust unless you rock up with a gp straight thru or no exhaust at all. And I find they're particularly fond of the Australian made staintunes, which are as far as I know the only exhaust company that legally complies with Australian standards and one of the only aftermarket pipes you actually can't get defected for if you have the baffle in...

    But yes, just put the baffle in.
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  15. Exactly what I was thinking. I was going to rock up with the baffle in and if he told me that he wouldn't pink slip me I'd never come back again. Considering the noise level of the staintune, I should be in the clear.
  16. it is a roadworthiness inspection (pink slip)
    basic safety check.
    ie, lights, horn, brakes, bits falling off, leaks.

    for many in NSW it's the one time each year when their bike or car gets some love.
    unlike other states where it only needs to be roadworthy to sell, and can be a dangerous POS at all other times (unless canaried) :)
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  17. Yeah, they have some volume without being obnoxious. There was a Two Bros slip-on fitted to my XJ6 that had the baffle out - it was obnoxious - both to other motorists and me. I got a headache from twenty minutes on the highway with it. There is a 100% chance that it would not have passed an EPA noise check and the jury's out whether a mechanic would've given it a pink slip. I did the unthinkable and bought a stock exhaust (I've been burnt at the stake by local riders for that several times now).

    The bike I have now has a Staintune exhaust fitted (I also have the stock exhaust for it too). As said before, it has volume but not too much. The first bike I heard with a Staintune was a Honda CB400 SF. It sounded perfect - note and volume. I don't expect any issue having this exhaust passed at registration safety inspection.
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  18. I've had aftermarket exhausts on every bike except my learner GPX250 (import with twin cans anyway, so was cool enough.) Some have been louder than others - the full Akra system on the GSXR750 was pretty full on, and Daytonas make quite a racket with any slip-on other than the lame TOR 'factory' option. I've never had a pink slip issue, or a police comment at an RBT etc.

    Most bike mechanics, funnily enough, are bike people... so they 'get it.' You should be fine, especially with a baffle in.
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  19. Will be sweet mate. Bike mechanics are pretty good. Try to avoid the dealer ones in case they have some sort of process to avoid legal issues.b
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  20. I just took mine to a chain tyre place as they can do bike regos.

    My guy said if you can ride it here, and the lights and horn work and the tyres aren't shagged you should be good to go.

    Don't think he even heard mine running - just had ignition to on for lights.
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