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errrr, someone is telling porkies

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. http://tinyurl.com/nmlnru

    Some chick got a couple of tattoos too many
  2. Is it possible to fall asleep while having a tatt? I wouldn't have thought so...hmmm.

    Did you see the guy who did the tattoo? WOAH!!

    I actually don't think the stars look too bad, could've been a hell of alot worse. Not that I'll be lining up for a face tatt anytime soon :cool:
  3. Doesn't that look lovely.
  4. Careful, Rog, your sarcasm's showing...

  5. why would u want 3 stars on your face anyway.... people are weird

    shes smoking when shes 18? gets tattoos, is that her kid? seems like shes messed up?
  6. forget 1000 words, that guys face could fill an epic.

    kids, thats the real life boogyman. He's coming to get you
  7. I've seen a few faint, funniest thing. *LOL*
    I'll find out, tomorrow. (re: sleeping)

    Worse - Could have been falling stars & with that many stars, one is bound to go SuperNova - Whaow!
  8. Because it's a personal choice, like we make with bikes etc. :wink:
    Not a mess, just someone who is different to some of us & similar to others. She's no doubt just trying to live her life & stuff happens in our lives that may seem unfamiliar to those looking on. You'd probably be gob-smacked to put faces/lives to the people you chat with at NR. I know I have been pleasantly surprised. :)
    That's what makes life interesting. And fun.

    Good one liner, Lilley. :wink:
    But don't judge a book by it's (his/her) cover. You may miss out on a great story.

    Now that's mum's sharing of her opinion. The same right to opinion you guys have. Neither right nor wrong. And I didn't comment based on your ages. It's about experiences & how we define them at that point in time. :grin:

    Personnally, I like the design concept.
  9. Starstruck!
  10. Yes, and I nearly rolled off the table.
  11. Here I was expecting a swine flu joke...

    I read this story yesterday, prolly a case of oh I actually look more ridiculous then I thought I would time to sue.
  12. Probably high on crack!!! I mean life :D
  13. well her tats dont look that bad, but did you notice there are no unfinished stars , what happened did she "wake up" and say owww stop! and the tattooist says hold on, just let me finish this one.
    Yeah right.

    on the other hand the stars dont look that bad and as for the tattooist, he knows how to advertise his business well.
    I have known people with that many tats and piercings and they have all been normal people, they just happen to like tats and piercings.

    As tankGirl said, dont judge other people on what you see, you might just miss out on a pleasant surprise.
  14. I think she wanted to look like the chick from LA Ink - she has stars and on her they look great, suit her personality.

    Moral of the story, get a tatt because it means something to you and go to someone reputable.
  15. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the tattooist gets to meet his girlfriends parents for the first time!.

    The girl would have to be 'chemically enhanced' to have slept thru that many stars.
  16. This is a much cheaper solution and fixs more issues then just the tattoos

  17. there are much easier ways to get attention. she could have caught a bus nude. that'll work
  18. Tatts = FAIL

    The End
  19. What a sad thing to happen to a young girl no matter what the circumstances were.
    I'll be glad when this tattoo fashion craze goes away.
  20. Personal preference - some like them some dont.

    Im sure no one is going to lose any sleep just because you dont like their tattoo.