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Error posting an event

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by peeahh, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Umm...so I was a good little girl and tried to do a post thingo thing for the events section as Mouth told us to...to get approved or whatever happens...and after clicking submit, I got this:

    Error! The CAPTCHA word did not match

  2. You did a spelling mistake? Send Mouth a PM for him to explain.

    By the way...nice back in your avatar
  3. Hrmm...

    Well, hmm.. heh, forgot what I was going to say :p

    Oh, and back..thanks..looks better smaller, can't see my bones stickin' out everywhere :p
  4. *makes peeahh a sammich*
  5. *cries* I eat goddamnit!
  6. I had this Peeahh, and it had me stumped...eventually worked it out, it is the verification letters that you have to add when submitting.

    I had an awful time trying to work out what the letters were. Must be my eyesight going :oops:
  7. Chaa Ching..here I was thinkin I could read...

    Apparently not...

    Got it, fanks :)
  8. You're most welcome :grin: ...took me about six goes before getting it right :oops:
  9. *chuckles* yeah I had to hit the "if you can't see this word click here" four or five times before I was confident in knowing what the damn word was! :LOL: