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Erik Buell Racing 1190rs Street Bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vertical C, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. I am pruning this from the Hyperstrada thread because I want to talk about Erik's return.

    This has got me excited, I didn get o the grand prix and I didnt realise that we would get EBR in Oz so quick.

    Damn, I am excited, oh and $20k, if that is Oz prices, that will sell but i heard $55k for the carbon version, or was that the race bike? So I am surprised the entry is so low, I had given up when I heard $55k.

    There are rumours of other bikes as well for 2013. A 1190x (ulysses) I hear, that is what is getting me excited more than the rs, I really loved my buell xb12x. One with the 1190 motor.........

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  2. When is launch looking like?
  3. I love the exhausts, very 500gp bike lookalike. How they will ever manage to get it down below Australian regs I don't know.

    Looks very expensive to drop.
  4. Read a write up in a US magazine whilst over there, it was a comparison of most exotic 1000cc+ bikes. Came out last in every discipline iirc.
    I did see it at the GP, isn't a particularly good looking bike from memory.

  5. The race bike has two exhausts in line, there is an underslung one hat gets you below 110db and the one that you can see that gets you to 90db ish if your track has restrictions (or you can remove it and just run the underslung.

    I would say the street version is the same so wont be that loud. The removal is oretty cool to save having to buy a new exhaust.
  6. Yeh, I saw that one. 110db is insanely loud just to run the under one.
  7. The 1190RS is a race bike with a headlight attached that is the bones of the bike.

    Now well get a little more into its details.

    Hand made pistons and forged crank, the inners of the engine are the best money can buy.

    Radiators are handmade and cost over 5000 US as they run adjacent to the headers for maximum efficiency. Best forks available Ohlins specials, light weight single floating disc rotor with carbon cooling intake for the lightest brakes ever on a race bike with maximum efficiency.

    Hubless pure magnesium wheels the lightest EVER seen on a production motorcycle.

    15 layers of clear hand rubbed back between each coat, even the air box which you cannot see is in complete carbon to save weight.

    We sell exotic motorcycles in the top of the range, I can tell you it is extremely impressive and omg quick??? Slingshot is a better word.

    In respect to the exhaust this one passes ADR the race add on, well lets say watch the video above and listen, it's sounds as sweet as a symphony orchestra.

    Remember no electronics pure race breed race bike with the best handmade components, 1 of 100 in the world.

    This motorcycle was made as a statement by Erik Buell Racing to say this is what we can build, now lets ride!!

    One last comment I Have never seen a better finished carbon fibre motorcycle ever, and we sell most of the prestigious models, enjoy. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1353016392.718754. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1353016416.150227. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1353016439.545192.
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    3rd out of 4 not last. The order appears to be pretty much the same as advertising budgets highest to lowest- Aprillia-Ducati-EBR-MV, (like most magazine tests) with the EBR maybe over acheiving on that handicap and the Ducati underacheiving.


    So FX was that $20K price point the indicitive Oz price for the standard model? Any rough timings?
  9. Vertical that is correct 20 ish mark hopefully 8-12 months will know more on eta soon

    And it is good to see how budgets affect ranking and yes sad all but it is true.
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  10. Good track bikes aren't good road bikes aren't synonymous. EB really is an engineering genius though, don't think anyone can deny that.

    What's the compression on it, FX?
  11. Do they still do that thing where the front brakes lock and you get vaulted off the bike a 200kph into a tree?
  12. They are more in the range of 300km+/hr now, compression Lilley is below for you, you can download a brochure also;

    Ohh and its called an endo!

    Also a little mono shown below after scoring second in AMA in its first 6 month debut, impressive.


    Engine and Clutch

    Engine type: Liquid cooled V twin
    Displacement: 1190cc
    Bore x stroke: 4.17 x 2.66 (106 x 67.5 mm)
    Compression rate: 13.6:1
    Power: 175HP @ 9750RPM
    Torque: 97ft -lbs Nm@9400 rpm
    Fuel injection : Dual 61mm throttle bodies
    Ignition system:
    Clutch: Wet multi-plate, slipper
    Gear box: 6 Speed

    Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels
    Frame: Aluminium frame with integral fuel reservoir
    Front suspension: 43mm Öhlins inverted fork, adjustable compression damping, rebound damping adjustable spring preload
    Rear suspension: Öhlins fully adjustable TTX coil over monoshock with remote reservoir
    Front brakes: ISO finned rotor, 8 piston caliper with cooling duct
    Rear brakes: Disc 240 mm, twin piston Brembo brake caliper
    Front wheel: 120/70R- 17 3.5″ x 17″ magnesium
    Rear wheel: 190/55R-17 6.0″ x 17″ magnesium

    accelerator works.
  13. Ok wow. Very keenly priced against the competition, I can see why you are excited as a dealer. If it has roughly the same power as any other 1000, they are onto the winner as the handling won't have such an anchor on it this time.

    Keep us updated on Oz news please, though I will be watching the EBR site as well.
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  14. Couldn't imagine it being anywhere near $20K , $55K sounds more like it.
  15. You're right, 3rd out of 4 bikes in the exotic test. Yes I'm biased, but that test and many other test, Ducati have insisted the Panigale be tested using the factory fitted Perelli road tyres.

    USD pricing as listed in Cycle World:
    EBR 1190rs $43,990
    MV f4 rr $24,998
    Panigale S $23,995
    RSV4 $22,499
  16. Nice to see you FX guys put some effort into your website - just lost an hour of my life ;)
  17. Yup - $40-50k sounds more like it. If the price starts with a $1x,xxx I commit right now to buying one.

    You up for it FXPS? :LOL:
  18. The range to follow will be very competitively priced, also to remember this is Eric Buell Racing EBR as in the man himself, these bikes are purely unadulterated and not influenced by corporate structure, so will be amazing in design, handling and styling.

    The 1190RS is a hand made motorcycle which is primarily built as a precision superbike with no expense spared, the production models will be in the 20 mark, and still retain many of the important goodies based on this 1190RS.

    Watch this space, EBR will be a very good thing in months to come. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1353100195.900575.
  19. You're full of shit.

    Or, to put it in a more socially acceptable way, you are pulling numbers out of thin air.
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