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ER6N, Z750, Gladius, Monster or Hornet CB600F ?? (or Street Triple)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hynejont, May 5, 2010.

  1. Need some real life feedback on what to go for ? I commute each day in traffic but want something thats going still be fun

  2. Wow so many bikes there. What's important is not what we think but rather what you think. All good choices of bikes and you would be able to commute and have fun on them.

    If it were me I'd go for the z or cb.

    Get out there and ride as many as you can and pick the one that you feel wills suit you best.
  3. z750!!! they are impervious to car attacks (and hill climbs).
  4. Depends how long your commute is. My brother's street tripple is awesome but gets hot to sit on. I would hate to do an hour long commute on it in summer.

    I went for the z and so far I couldn't be happier, though I will lash out on a new seat soon!!
  5. New 796 monster haha
  6. Apart from being nakeds, they are vastly different bikes you have on your list. My pick would be the Z or the S3.
  7. I think depends on which seating position you prefer. I recently did the same research myself. I actually googled ER6N v Gladius v Hornet etc, and you will be surprised the amount of results that come up. The ER6N and Gladius and fairly upright. I also looked at the speedo's setup etc on each bike to see which I preferred. For me I do both commuting and some quite long distance riding. Then you compare the specificatiions of each bike, to narrow it down depending on your preferences. Seat height, weight of bike, fuel tank size etc.
  8. if you got cash and not gonna do many kms or sell it after only a year or 3 - stripple. best bike there by far

    but if youl be doing tonne of kms: er6n.

    cause you can get new 09 models for 10k or low km 2nd hand ones for 6-7. reliable engine and you wont cop as much depreciation if you plan on keeping it long.
  9. All,
    Thanks for your responses so far and appreciate the wide scale of bikes as 'farab' mentioned.
    'uncosnail' - what bike did you go for in the end?
    My commute is only 30-35kms each day but in traffic which sometimes can be heavy
    My concerns are around the ER6N and Gladius that they wont last in terms of thrill/excitement and seem to still have that leaner, entry level skew to them. Although I do like the look and design of both and they have great reviews, especially the Gladius. Whereas the Z750, Hornet and Monster are the next level up and see more longevity in them. The only thing that leans me away from the Street Triple is that its a model that has been around for a while and almost expecting a revamp soon.
    Keep your opinions coming as they are very much appreciated. Z750 looking like a favourite so far
  10. i rode the z750 and it was a pretty good bike, better than the er6 in just about every way. but its a fair bit pricier new.
  11. Also now is the good time to get a new bike, as you can get the 09 model, I did this and saved $2,000. I shopped around and found that when I went into a shop it was more expensive price then when I just rang around. I ordered a bike and got it within 3 days. Sit on the bikes as well. I was looking at Ninja 650R, ER6N and Gladius all were very similar. I also factor in fuel economy.
  12. the one i remember having the most fun on out of the z750, er6 and hornet was the hornet.....maybe it was because it was a training day when you could really give it some stick without a concern of dropping it but i thought it was a lot of fun
  13. I've got the Street Triple R, and I couldn't be happier. It does get hot, which makes me wear leathers more than my kevlar jeans because they shield me more from the radiant heat from the engine. I mostly commute, with some fun rides on the weekends.

    I've had the chance to put the z750 through its paces a bit and I have to say that it gives a lot of bang for the buck. The engine has a lot of grunt, and the suspension is fully adjustable. I agree that the seat could probably use an upgrade, but that might just be because of my big butt.

    Of the two bikes, both haven't had a major refresh in a couple of years. The StripleR has braided brake lines and fabulous brake feel, but the ride out of the box is a bit harsher than the z750. The StripleR has a better power to weight ratio, but the z750 has more torque. Either one will probably make you happy, and the z750 is quite a bit cheaper. I'd say ride both and buy the one that feels best.

    (I'm discounting the Hornet because they aren't selling it here anymore, and the others because they are a bit under-powered compared to the z750 and the Striple.)
  14. I've got the er6n. It's not a bad bike. They corner well and are very nimble. Though the pegs are pretty low as i am starting to find out lol.

    They are def an entry to the 600 range bike though. You can take them past 200 without much issue and pretty much stand it up on the back wheel on the spot if you really want to.

    For commuting they are quite good bikes, just not the sportiest bike out there.
  15. I'm surprised that FZ6N is not on the list. If you are considering Street triple, also look into Aprilia Shiver, looks like a fun bike.
  16. Well, I've ridden the S3, own the Z750 and ridden the hornet. Personally i didn't like the hornet great commuter but just didn't have that 'cool' factor imo. S3 (R anyway) is great, if you have the cash and like the looks i would highly recommend it. As everyone says its a great all round bike, very punchy engine. And lastly the Z750 which I have the 09' is really excellent value for money, with awesome power very quick basically identical to the S3 (a review i saw said 2.5sec to 100 for both! :p - not sure how that compares to the other nakeds ?) But the Z750 is approx 25kg heavier and won't power wheelie in first as easily as the S3. I got a run out for a great price and couldnt happier (although many have said the seat is a bit solid - when i wear my leathers its no issue, but with the draggins you do feel it a little after a loong ride)

    And finally, i'm 6' 4" and found the Z750 to feel considerably taller than the S3, although the difference could easily be ignored if you love the looks of the S3.

    Hope you have luck in getting your ride..Honestly think if money is your barrier you will be more than happy with the Z750, and if money isnt a problem give the S3 a ride and see if its your type of bike.
  17. What snookered said! ;) I own the S3R that he road & the z750 is probably all you can compare with each other... The others equally compare on their own. Test rides are really you're ony constraint win money being the final factor IMO! good luck!!

  18. I'd go the twin or the triple. Only because detuned midsize i4s are boring.
  19. Nothing detuned about the Z =D

    FWIW I think you need reasons _not_ to buy the S3. Mine were budget, the fact my brother has one, not being in love with the aesthetics of it, and the heat. Budget and aesthetics led me to the Z and I'm delighted with it so far - and I'm still breaking it in!

    But the S3 sets the benchmark in all the reviews I looked at for 600 - 750 nakeds, and its got character up the wazoo. Zenali and I did a bike swap on Yarra Boulevard the other day, and I've got to say that if I ever get rid of the Z I'll be going for a triumph. The Z is smooth and purrs like a kitten, but the S3 is throaty, roars like a lion and pounces like a cheetah.