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ER6N vs SV650N

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. We have the '600 sportsbikes' thread, but that has only touched on the '650 naked sports-tourer' discussion. ;)

    I *really* like the idea of the SV 650, and basically every review I've ever read of it has said 'loved it, heaps of fun, didn't want to give it back at the end of the test'. The ER6N is more of an unknown quantity, being that much newer, but looks really intriguing.

    Has anyone ridden both and got a comparison they can make? I'm particularly interested in whether the ER6's parallel twin has the same power-across-the-range characteristics of a v-twin, or whether it's more like the 4-pot screamers. Any other comments also very welcome.
  2. my problem with the SV650 is it looks like this
  3. Well yeah, but some people would say their problem with the ER is that it looks like this:

  4. I haven't riden either in naked versions but I have ridden both in faired versions. It basicly comes down to personal taste. They're neck and neck.

    Either way, I made my decision so I'll be collecting it from the dealer tomorrow. :)
  5. An FZ6 is a more superior bike.
  6. [img:438:400:affa5bf076]http://www.orlyowl.com/orly.jpg[/img:affa5bf076]
  7. (woohoo, magic! thanx, thread fairy!)
  8. Actually I'd put the FZ6 behind both the ER6 and the SV650 Jason.

    The fuel metering on the FZ series is annoyingly abrupt and the torque characteristics don't suit a naked bike very well.

    Naked bikes work better with strong midranges rather than strong top end power as a general rule, and the SV and the ER have that strong midrange orientated power.
  9. Excellent for girls too.
  10. Cool - the more I'm reading the more I'm thinking that the ER does share many of the good characteristics of the SV, and have a few advantages. In some ways the judgement becomes more aesthetic, and in terms of whether I can afford a new ER rather than, say, a 2003-2004 SV. But with some brand new 2006 ERs advertised at $8.5k plus ORC...
  11. We are talking about about a v-twin vs. a parallel twin right?
    V-twin all the way, those ER engines sound terrible.
    Not a particularly insightful or technical post but i have heard a ER6 regularly (guy at work has one) and the sound almost puts me off bikes. :LOL:
    Go for the twin, they have soul!
  12. {Cruel Sea}There ain't nothiiin'... like a bike with soul{/Cruel Sea} ;)
  13. yeah every review I've read comparing the kwaka, suzi & yammy have all put the yammy last.
  14. Dammit, there's a brand new 2005 SV for 8 grand in Brisbane... all I need now is a windfall!
  15. what about the gsr 600. I've ridden the er6n but suzuki dealer sells gsr's as soon as they come in.
  16. Yeah, that's an interesting call, and one I should add to the mix. I'd been thinking the 4s were all about screaming high-rev stuff, but it sounds as though the GSR is at least meant to have more midrange and so on. Worth a ride, for sure.
  17. A freind of mine tried the ER and loved it. Tehn she tried the Yamah naked 4 thingy (forget the designation) and loved it more.

    Any engine can be in any state of tune (within limits). In fact a 4 can be in a higher state of tune to a twin and still have the same bottom end as the twin.
  18. I'd like to see that... as I haven't seen that in 30 years of riding :)

    Twins are more about torque than they are about bottom end power, and it's in torque that the 4's tend to suffer.

    My Bandit 1200S (which by 4 cylinder standards has lots of torque) still has noticibly less torque between 2000rpm and 4000rpm than my Guzzi 1100 twin does. The Bandit 1200S out torques the Guzzi only after about 4500rpm.

    And the only 4 cylinder I've ridden with noticibly more torque than the Bandit 1200S was the V-Max, and even that had less torque than the Guzzi under 3000rpm.

    When you find a 4 cylinder that will spin the tyre at 2500rpm by snapping the throttle open let me know and I'll test ride it ;)
  19. I realise it's a four rather than a twin, but have you considered the Z750, Bravus?