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ER6N or Duke 200/390?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doc_chow, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys

    Ive been riding for over 6 months, I was riding 10 years ago for a few years(RGV 250 / YZF 600), and took a break for 10 years

    The last 6 months I decided to get back into it, and bought myself a CFmoto 150cc leader, get my riding skills back up again, and although it was a great commuter and did the job, I know find it boring, and needed an upgrade

    I am 60kg, and 173cm, I will be using the bike for a regular commute(100km/ week), weekend fun ride, sometime a pillion passenger....prefer a naked bike or a motard possibly!?

    My budget is $5000 -$6000

    As im a short and small guy a couple of bikes has come up
    Based on Seat height and weight of the bike

    Suzuki Inazuma 250
    Suzuki SV650
    Yamaha XJ6N
    Suzuki GSR600

    But the ones that I favour are

    Duke 200
    Kawasaki ER6n

    The Duke 200, is an overall good upgrade, more power/performance, better looks, small and agile, but Im worried that I will be bored of the 200cc capacity, I have had a go testing the duke 200, and I found it pretty zippy, and sits 110-120km/h quite fine.... but with my budget I was wandering is this a waste of time buying a Duke considering its only a 50cc upgrade from what ive got....upside is I can afford this brand new...

    The other option is the Kawasaki ER6N, I have not taken this bike for a ride, but it is a bigger and heavier bike, but its a big upgrade from the 150cc I already have, question is, will it be a big jump from what ive already got, and being a bigger bike, will i move as agile as the Duke/CFmoto leader??.... I have this theory that a bigger bike will be harder to move around in slower traffic and filtering will not be as easy....downside is I will be buying this "used"....

    Is the Inazuma 250 worth looking at too??

    Thanks guys
  2. Of these I think the 390 is the best. It's power to weight is better than the ER6N (which is ugly IMHO).

    The 390 has basically the same frame (strengthened) as the 200 just a much better engine. I'm not sure how either would go with a pillion but power wise (or torque) the 390 will do so a lot better than the 200.

    I've test ridden the 390 and liked it a lot, I don't see how you would find it too powerful but it responds beautifully and handles well. It does lock you into one position so might not be as good as the ER6N for longer rides.

    The 390 was too small for me (6' and 110kgs) but would seem to suit you well.
  3. The ER6N is a well regarded bike, the Duke 390 gets great reviews and looks like the more exciting bike to me.
  4. get the 390
  5. The usual answer is too ride them all & buy the one that suits you best.
    They're both great bikes.
  6. You'll probably get better quality build from the KTM's but if you're planning on upgrading after a restriction I'd be more inclined to buy the one which is more popular for resell value when you upgrade. When beginning on a restricted bike it should be looked at as a tool, when you later buy your dream machine that's when you want to test absolutely everything available.
  7. the er6n is an under rated bike, are pretty easy to ride and go like stink if you know how to ride. more of a sport tourer than anything else but a good first big bike.
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    The 390 wont be $5k.

    The 200will be harder to filter than the 150 and the 600 harder again.

    I wouldnt upgrade to a new bike for 50 cc but its your cash
  9. I'd go the ER6 as well mate, good solid bikes and great fun. Reliable, fairly light, capable of taking a pillion easy.

    Cheers - boingk
  10. I'm riding the er6n and loving it. It is a very easy and forgiving bike to ride, and I wouldn't consider it a heavy bike at all. If you are worried about the size there is a lowering kit that drops it down an inch or two. It is also one of the best for buying as a LAMS bike but extremely simple to derestrict (one screw to undo, one plug to remove, 5 minutes total).

    But the main reason I like the bike is the look, and the best advice I had when shopping around was to go with the bike that you feel a strong emotional connection to, so you love to ride it.
  11. I had the ER-6n, great bike.

    Very easy to ride, great as a commuter and not too shabby for the longer rides either.

    Take them all for a ride and see what grabs you the most, I haven't ridden the KTM so can't offer any comparisons.
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  12. Another vote for ER6N. Plenty of go for a LAMS bike, but very progressive and easy to ride. Reaally flexible! Alternatively... Ninja 300. Don't be fooled by it's looks, its more a commuter than a sports bike, easiest thing I've ever ridden and a blast to wind out.
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