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ER6n for a learner?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ricomac, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. I was at the Kawasaki dealer today looking for a GPX250 and the ER6n caught my eye. The guy offered me a test drive but having only ridden 3 times in my history I wasnt confident enough. But he took me for a spin.............holy sh*t I thought it was quick.

    Anyway, he said not to waste my cash on a GPX and think about a ER6. Reckons it is fine to learn on as the power control is easy to handle. Told me to come back when I was more confident and test it.

    Why you reckon? Ok to learn on the ER6 (I have a open NSW licence due to 1 year done on a scooter). I am on my tippy toes a bit sitting on it but feels ok.
  2. As long as you're reasonably confident, and I assume you would be after a year of riding the scoot, then go for it! They're a new model so I haven't ridden one but from what I've read I reckon they'd make a great bike to learn on - don't waste your time on the 250s.

    Sorry but it's a bit late for a more detailed answer from me. ;-)
  3. Of course he's going to recommend the bike that costs twice as much.

    I think its pretty obvious he just wants your money :roll:

    He's not looking out for what's right for a new rider.

    The ER-6n is supposed to be an excellent bike, but if you've never owned a bike before you will be overwhelmed by it.

    You're probally not fully confident even riding 250's yet right? If you buy the ER-6 you will almost certainly drop it- and looking at pics of it, the indicators would be extremely likely to smash if dropped, so not the cheapest bike to drop.

    Also, a smaller bike will get you confident more quickly. It's often said that a smaller bike can teach you more about going fast, and with less risk.

    If you start off on a larger bike, you may feel overwhelmed by it and will want to sell it (it happens often).

    I'd recommend to buy a cheaper 250 that you won't lose any money on, and will give you loads of experience, then go back to the dealer and see what you like in just a few short months. Don't buy a new 250.

    A lower power, cheaper big bike (like the GS500 or ER5), bought second hand would also be a good option.
  4. Cool. Yep a lot of the guys say a new 250 is a waste of cash. To be honest though, the dealer wasnt really pushing the bigger bike on me. He was more saying that it isnt a wild 650 and that it would keep me interested for longer. Only thing that put me off was being on my tippy toes but I guess I could lower the suspension. Thanks!
  5. Yeah I agree actually, it wouldn't be a bad learner machine by any means.

    It's just not cheap, that's the main thing. If worst comes to worst, as it is more likely to in the first year than any other time, you don't want to lose a huge amount of money.

    I'd be a bit concerned about the high seat height. When you get some experience you can easily learn to live with this, but as a learner you want to be confident to wheel it around.

    Did it feel heavy at all? That's equally important for a new rider, especially if you have trouble touching the ground

    I think GPX's are great value for money actually. I was considering buying a new one myself. So cheap, and they'll live for years with absolutely minimum maintenance.

    The only thing is, I would buy a used one first for around $3000, ride it for a year or so, then decide if I want to keep the thing before buying new.

    A waste of money to buy new for your first bike, as you don't know what you want, but if you find you like them go for it :)

    I went to look at one just tonight actually. An 1998 model with 62,000km's for $3500. Was in great condition, but I'm wary of the high K's for a 250. The engine probally won't live past 80,000km's optimistically. I'm yet to see a 250 with 100,000kms+.
  6. I dont mind the extra cash in that I'd say I'd be happy for the bike for quite some time. The seat is a bit high for me at 785mm but then the VTR250 is 780mm. I am just a shortie. Bike felt good, not too heavy and the seat position is more comfortable than say the ZZR250.

    I have the lend of a crusier to practice so I will do that until I am confident to do a test drive. Thanks
  7. Try tracking down a late-model Aus-delivered Suzuki Bandit 250 2nd hand, seat height on those is only 750mm and there are some good, low-mileage examples out there.
  8. Who ricomac HOW short ARE you? My missis is 5'3" and doesn't have long legs.....She handles her VTR250 with no problems at all....

  9. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13590
    for some thoughts.

    YES, the ER6 is a GREAT L/P bike. Ride it slow, ride it hard....a VERY confidence-building bike...it's got the lot.
    With hard haggling $10k will see one ride-away, compared to around $6500 ride-away for a GPX250/$6k Hyosung 250 (both good bikes, but given the choice? NO question).
    THe ER6 has upwards-scope and would negate the next-step-up hole-in-the-pocket.

    Maintenance/tyres etc. are at even-cost levels.
    The ER6 is NOT an aggro bike but rather docile if one doesn't ask for 'it'. When it's time to "step-up", just twist the grip a bit harder.

    Surprised that they offer it as an L/P bike though, as far as I know it's got too much hp for being LAM's compliant (or do they offer it as a restricted version? Kawasaki would do themselves a HUUUUGE favour with that.
    If not, might look at a Hyosung GT650 perhaps?

  10. I'm 170cm and when I sat on the ER6n I was on my tiptoes. Not sure where the suspension setup was at, maybe it could be lowered more. Felt much heavier than my 250 Virago, but I sort of expected that. Apart from the weight, felt good.
  11. Hi ricomac ,im a newbie and really know crap ,but heres my 1 c worth.
    I went with the 2005 GS500F ,There alot bigger to a newbie like me ,but being over 30 like you and have a gold licence ,i will go to the open licence straight away after my L's and i would of wanted to up grade after 3-6 months.
    I think since you have done 1 year on a scooter and got a bit of confidence ,or self control ,go for the bigger learner bikes gs500 ,er5 -6......
    I could of got a 250 and with in a few hrs taken it on the main roads ,but with the bigger leaner bikes and the easyer to ride bigger bikes suzuki sv650 ect ,i think you just have to spend a few more days or a week in the back streets to really figure out the bike and get really confident with it,{as much as you can for a newbie} before hitting the main roads.
    With my GS500F i can flat foot ,and im about 5,8.
    I looked around alot and sat on alot of bikes ,researched heaps ect, and the GS500 keeped coming up ,.not till i seen one in real life and sat on it did i even really consider it ,after about 10 seconds on it, i new it was for ME.
    The only thing ,that a don't like and worry about is i got mine brand new and im freaking out im gona drop it {riding it or pushing it around} and it won't be all shinny any more .
    Even if you buy second hand it will hurt you heart when you drop it and hurt your pocket new or second hand.
    But on the up side ,i love that i know its gona start evey day and i will get a year or 2 out of it before i need to up grade and if it breaks down im covered with warrenty.
    Good luck with looking ,and meet up for a ride when you get it.
  12. Im 170cm give or take and I sat on one at Cosways and I was able to touch the ground ok.. Im not sure what my inner leg measurement is tho..

    The bike is really small and light.. (My 250 bandit is wider than this). This would be a great bike to learn on due to the size and weight.. Typical Kwaka seat, uncomfortable - too firm for my liking.

    Looks pretty nice in person.. Considerably better than in the photos that are avail. on the net..

    Wish I could have had one to learn on..

  13. If you've got the chance to buy a brand new bike, not just brand new in terms of no mileage, but brand new in terms of design and technology, you ought to get it. Glitch did a great road test, read that.

    A vertical twin is just great fun, you can thrash it or just potter it. Take it easy to begin with and you'll be fine; if you buy a 250 you'll get sick of it very quickly when you KNOW you could have bought an unlimited-class bike.
  14. Do it, go on i know you want to.. Just get it, dont be scared.. :grin:
    Just be careful with the initial power upgrade and before to long you will be cruising.
  15. Before you go forking out for a new ER-6n with minimal experience you might want to get some quotes on insurance. With a cheap 2nd hand 250 you could probably get away with just 3rd party but on a brand new bike you're probably going to want full comprehensive, make sure it's not going to cost more over a couple of years than the price of a cheap 2nd hand 250.
  16. pfft. Ive heard of plently 250 doing over 100,000kms, but that price for a gpx that old is such a rip off. They are only 6k brand new.

    What bike do you currently own?
  17. I am 5'3 too. So prob like your lady I was on my toes on the VTR250. But prob would be better with proper boots. But thats encouraging that she has no probs with it. ER6 has about same seat height
  18. hey sleddog..thanks for your comments. I am the same. I am sh*tting it that I will drop it and have a busted up new bike. let you know how I go!!