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ER6f vs. SV650 Which one??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Alguien, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I've been looking at both these bikes as possible upgrades from my VTR250.

    Tried doing a search but came up with nothing. If you can find something on this already please link it here.

    Anyone got any opinions of which bike is the better bike and why?

    I realise the ER6f has fairings (the 6N is bloody ugly IMHO) which is SV doesnt but other than that the sales guys would have me believe theres not a whole lot of difference.

    I'll be taking both for a test ride but thought I might see what else people have to say.

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  3. What he said

    But the ER6 just looks the latest and greatest - offset rear shock, crazy exhaust, neat instrumentation.

    SV has the VTwin :cool:

    Tough choice - let us know what you think after you have ridden both
  4. concensus seems to be er6f for smaller riders and sv650 for taller riders.

    You do know the sv comes in an s version that has a fairing?

    You can also get a couple of bikini fairing for the sv650. My favourite type of bike at the moment.
  5. The sv650s just has a bit of a bikini fairing on the front doesnt it?

    Or are you saying there are bikini fairings you can buy (other than the factory suzuki one above) that fit onto the SV650?

    I checked it out on the suzuki website and couldnt see a lot of value in it for the extra $ they want for the S. I would imagine it would be more expensive to insure also.
  6. Go the Vtwin, chuck a pipe on it and you wont look back.
  7. That's true, ER6 has a low seat and is very narrow. It's great for smaller riders. Then again, until ER6 came along, it was SV650 that was known as "the bike for smaller riders"... the difference is not that great.

    I'm also tossing between these two, but I am wondering about things no test ride can answer, such as: which one is going to be more reliable? Cost less to run and service? How are they going to hold up to daily use? Some UK magazines I've seen don't exactly praise the build quality of either, but they do have a lot harsher conditions to deal with (like salt on the roads in winter)...

    Decisions, decisions.
  8. I fing getting my feet to the ground easy on the ER-6, but definately not easy on the SV. It's not the hieght that makes the difference as much as the width. The newer SV might not be so bad but the older ones I feel try to spit me in half.

    On the fuel side, I filled up today after a mix of country and city riding. After 229.7km it took 11.92L of fuel. :)
  9. The SV650S has a half-fairing on the front, like the FZ6S or the current VTR1000.

    However you can also buy fairings for the SV650 that will cover the exposed engine making it much less of a naked bike.
  10. Hmm...well I'm 5'10 and find the fit of my sv650s perfect...have no trouble touching the ground - and seat on my 2001 model is seriously comfortable... :grin:

    A friend who also loved the sv used mine while i was in the uk for 5 weeks - now she's shorter than me maybe around 5'6 - 5'8 - and although she had no problems reaching the floor while sitting on the bike - she did find that on a long commute which she does everyday that the riding position on the sv mader her neck ache...I know the er6f has a more upright sitting position than the sv...maybe just try and see...

    In terms of services etc - I've only had my bike for seven months - it has been serviced once - and costs relatively low...they're a popular bike and getting parts doesnt seem to be an issue...I have only spent money on service costs, havent had to take it back to dealers or have anything done to it...(apart from i got some mates to clean the brake pads as they were squeaking) but good little runner - best money I ever spent... :grin:
  11. OK. The standard SV650 now has a wind deflector above the intrument pod. How effective it is, I don't know.

    The SV650S has what most people would call, a half fairing. It also has clip-on bars that make the riding position a bit harsher.

    You can buy am aftermarket (maybe a factory one too) bikini faring for the SV650. this basically is a small fairing mounted arount the headlight.

    A flyscreen is similare.


    I currently run a bikini fairing on my bike and I'm loving it. It doesn't have the trubulent air and heat created by a full or half fairing but takes some of the wind pressure off on the freeway.

    If I were buying a new bike for what I do, I'd be looking at a sv650 with a bikini fairing.
  12. seriously take a look at the cagiva raptor 650.

    i rode both the bikes you are talking about above and neither had anything at all over the cagiva.

    my partner has jsut come from her VTR250 and now onto the cagiva (got it wed) and it is a truely great bike to ride. on top of its good looks, the frame is a better trellis design and makes it handle surpurb. rear swing arms are way cooler shaped.
    it has less of a rake than the sv650 making it a sharper handle. .the sv rake is overkill.
    has gold series bembo brakes, braded lines as standard.
    walks all over the ef6 for quality, ride, position, finish, and looks. also i didnt like hte crappy parallel twin. not enough for the vibration it created. (and i ride a buell 1200cc vtwin vibrating ball tearer!)
    plus the vee twin grunt. nice tacho and digital speedo. it is truely an awesome bike.

    i picked it up for the lady on wednesday, and came home throwing it round the old highway thru bulladella and it was a little ripper. heaps of pull out of hte corners and turned a treat. then back onto the highway for some nice cruising.

    the perfect upgrade from a VTR for sure, in my opinion.

  13. ooh forgot.

    the same sv650 motor and box is in the cagiva, so despite all the fancy look and bonuses such as the brakes. it is ultra smooth reliable and easy/cheap to service.

    check one out for your self. remember though the 2006/07 has a squared off seat compared ot others. makes it a fraction taller. we found a supurb much loved little ridden one with the lower seat... perfect for my partner who is 5'2". but even at that for taller riders it is somfy too.

    and get this. the one i have has no fairing, but the triangle shape i was told creates a neutral zone of air around your helmet. AND IT WORKS! anywhere from 70 klms up to 155 and i had the little pocket that my helmet jsut sat it. got some wind around my chest ( am sure a full bikini fairing would take care of this) but i was amazed this little triangel instrument housing created such a great effect. sometimes you jsut gotta love italian design.

    do a search and check the raves. :cool: