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ER6f good budget tourer?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mkey, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. I have seen a number of people at various places around the world that are using the ER6f for touring.

    From what I can see most people have started using the ER6f because it is a reliable bike and for the money is great value, and for the money saved they can be fitted out with Screens, panieers and top box and still walk away with some money in there pockets.

    The reason I ask is because I am looking at getting 2 of them so the wife and I can tour the east coast of Australia with an average of 300 to 400km's a day.

    So what do you all think?
    Please feel free to suggest any other bikes that would be more suitable.

    Thanks all.

  2. I have an er6-n. It carries my 100kg through all the local twisties above the speed limit without much changing of gears so it should be fine on power. Being smaller than a big tourer you won't fit as much gear on it. Do get yourself a better seat as a lot of people (me included) get a sore arse after a couple of hours or so.
  3. Seany is our Resident ER6-F Proponent...
    I'm positive he can help you out with some Ideas.
  4. I think Er6 would do fine, but just wanted to point out for the same money (just under 11 grand) you can also get a Suzuki GSX750F - extra 100cc! :) I've been looking at these two myself but because most of my riding is commuting I probably will pass on the Suzuki which is considerably heavier than ER6. But if you're going to tour it might actually be an advantage - better stability on the move... Otherwise Suzukis seem like a very practical proposition; old simple and well tested design, lots of under-seat space (over 4l!) and enough performance for the real world. Actually I am attracted to them because for some reason they are considered 'uncool' and I'm always attracted to the less popular option.

    Anyhow, you might want to have a look at them as well.
  5. The ER6F is a great bike...very,very comfortable riding position. I have done 6-8 hours on it no trouble at all.
  6. Thanks for the reponses everyone.

    I must admit I have also considered the 750 Suzuki, yes it is a proven model and has been around since Jesus was in short pants (well, not quite that long)
    But the Idea of being air cooled up here in North Qld with our Heat and extreme humidity did concern me a little, also I seem to find the accesories line is a little limited

    The ER6f has a wide range of luggage options, top boxes and tank bags,
    I can get a full range of Givi bits and pieces for the ER6f and they look very nice.
  7. I've got an ER-6f. Comfy as hell it is too, so for those short distances each day your arse will barely know it sat down. Fun flickable bikes with a more upright postition than a super sports and lends itself to touring twisty roads very nicely. Go for it. :grin:
  8. Thanks Seany, I was hoping you would pop by with your thoughts.

    thanks for your input

    the ER6f is on the very short list.
  9. 650 VStrom around $10K with luggage would be my choice

    Good luck with it all and let us know who you get on
  10. What is the ER6f like on fuel comsumption? A recent AMCN test had it a bit thirsty, and with a smallish tank (around 15 litres), range wasn't its greatest asset. Full fairing in metallic blue looks great.
  11. I get around 230kms from a tank depending on what type of riding I am mostly doing.
  12. is that good??

    my V2 SPADA gets 215KM to reserve (9L) with mainly highway work

    i would have expected more from 15 Litres. :?
  13. So would I... even if you round that 230kms to 250, it still means 6l/100km. That's in a small car ballpark - not impressive at all.

    ... on the other hand, some people can do much better, it seems:

    "The 24th annual Motorcycle Economy Run, organised by the Pretoria Motor Club and sponsored by Bike SA, through Mpumalanga at the weekend, was won by a Kawasaki ER-6f.
    Graham Mephius overall fuel consumption for the 835km route was an amazing 3.02 litres/100km" whole story
  14. You could always have a look at a Hyo GT650S - water cooled and only around $9K complete with luggage, heated grips and touring screen. Think they come with a 2 year unlimited km warranty too.
  15. It's still a Hyo though (dons flame retardant suit)... yeah i know some people love them.

    The few people i know who have bought them are eagerly hatching plans to be rid of them ASAP.... some simply because not what they expected.. others due to excessive faults.
  16. I did consider the Hyo, But with no dealer up here (except for a scooter dealer) and to be honest I know a lot of people like them, but I don't trust them, But that is just me.

    I am also considering the Vstrom 650, I know they are a similar price, I was looking at a top box and hard paniers for either bike, so I would be interested to see pricing on both, I know Givi's gear is good but a bit pricey.

    Toecutter, What sort of luggage were you refering to?
  17. Well I have an R-Jays topbox on my WeeStrom but it was on there when I bought the bike althought the price of the topbox was around $250 with all fitments etc.

    I recall that GregVasco got a Givi luggage kit with his Strom so he may be able to help out on pricing but when I was looking dealers were happy to throw in a topbox plus other extras and still give me the bike for $11000 ride away.

    As for value well lets just say that a WeeStrom opens up a whole new world of touring (ie. dirt) that you may not be able to enjoy on the ER-6F.

    Having said that, I had narrowed the choice to the ER-6F or the WeeStrom with the decision based wholly on my desire to hit the dirt (hopefully not literally). However, now I have the WeeStrom I realise just how damn good it is on the tar as well and I would recommend that you have a serious look at them.

  18. Hard panniers, and have seen plenty fo Givi top boxes on Stroms - plus I really like VTwins :cool:
  19. I should be getting paid by Suzuki :p

    Some of the Strom's advanatges are a bit longer model run so bugs should be ironed out and tons of accessories, larger front wheel for better off-road ability and 22 litre tank

    I think the ER6 looks hot :cool: considerably lighter weight and a bit more power. As a new model, there might not be too many accessories avaialble for it.

    Mkey - Test ride them both and let us know what you think
  20. If it's down to a wee strom or Er-6f it will likely depend on whether dirt is the priority or if you want a sport orientated bike for the twisty sections. I find the ER-6 handles itself very well on dirt (for a road bike) but I come from a trail bike background so I'm used to sliding around. Still it's much better than other road bikes on the dirt. In fact it was on a gravel section at the GOR that I saw (the only time ever) uncle bren in my mirrors for a change. :LOL:

    I haven't ridden a weestrom so I can't comment but from what I hear, it's a fantastic bike also. The test ride should make the final decisions. :)

    As for fues consumption, I rev the fuggin tits of my ER-6 mostly and find the fuel light comes on around 200km. This leaves me with 40-50km to find a servo. Of course on a fwy crusing at 4k rpm instead of accellerating and decelerating through the twisties between 5-10k rpm then the fuel consumption will be considerably better. But yes, it's a tad thirsty. I've seen the light at 170km when fanging it real hard but generally the tank should be good for 230km of twisties before you start to get nervous. I have gone 250km without filling up. I'm generally looking for a cigarette by then anyway. :LOL: