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er6-n 2007

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by newtoit, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Looks like I am still annoying everyone but I have another question.
    I am looking at a er6-n, 2007 with 8000km in good nic with a few extras lights etc. They are neg on the price.

    Any thought on the bike for someone who has been away from riding for a few years.

  2. ER-6ns are a great bike, but if you can swing it go one of the newer ones, they made a fair bit of improvement on the vibrations (think it was 2009 onwards they improved).

    Otherwise, as far as I know really solid bikes.
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  3. I rode one from new until it was sent to god by a 4wd. Vibration wasn't bad on mine. Think its throttle bodies and a good mechanic keeps it under control. Its an easy bike to ride and is quick if you give it a bit. The cheap suspension is the real problem with them but if you haven't been riding for a while it might take some time to reach the limits.
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  4. Thanks they are asking $6000 what are your thoughts on the price?
  5. Ahhhh no.

    I sold my 2011 (so plenty of warranty) ER-6n ABS with ~4000ks on it and ~6 months reg for $7500 (which IMO is about right). The one your looking at IMO should be a fair bit less.
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  6. Ok so maybe offer $5000????
  7. at 8000k its probably due for tyres and see what state the chain and sprockets are in. use that to bargain. might have to pay $5500.
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