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er...you'd better just read it.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by tmg, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. um....well....this is sort of an uncomfortable question to ask...and I'm not sure how to go about it so I will just blurt it out.

    I want to hook up with a chick. But a lot of the nice lookin ladies I know don't have an interest in motorbikes and this is one thing I am looking for when it comes to the time where I find a nice young woman to hook up with.

    I am really bad with pickup lines (personally I don't think they're neccessary) and my confidence isn't that crash hot either. I don't know if there's any chicks on here that are from the sunshine coast either, but it would be nice once i get my bike running, to hook up with some [-o<.

    Can any nice ladies answer this question for me?

    OK, I feel awekward now...guess it's just the sexual tension thing :p :LOL:
  2. dood, maybe put yourself in "general marketplace" for a nominal fee of course :p
  3. R U serious tmg???

    Chicks have feathers bro... :-k

    Also... there's no question in your OP mate???

    Tell you what, keep doing the things you like doing, and somewhere along the line you'll meet and make friends of the opposite sex... mind you, motorcycling is male dominated... so your work is cut out for you!
  4. calling women *chicks* isn't exactly going to endear anyone to you

    how about you try www.rsvp.com.au
  5. When you say you want to meet a lady (not chick, please, as Tanya says, that's the kiss of death these days) who's interested in motorcycles, do you want to meet a lady who RIDES a motorcycle, or just one who's interested?

    I'd be heading off to a motorcycle race meeting of some sort, where there are bound to be ladies who go to watch the racing...... they're interested, wouldn't you say
  6. Simple answer... Turn gay and you'll be bound to find a guy who loves bikes.. and loves you :grin:

    Seriously, let life happen. If a girl is 'meant' for you and your love of biking, it will happen as long as you aren't a jerk. Might take a short or long time, just don't stress about it. Stress never helps ANYTHING.
  7. errr, you ride a bike, you should have no problem pulling chicks....and looks have nothing to do with it when you ride as we all have to wear helemets anyway..... oh yeah and just get a tinted visor, worked for stookie :LOL: :p j/k mate

    personally find one that isn't interested in them.....but just happy for you to ride, it's alot less stress ;)
  8. ...yeh, in the main, "chick" is definitely not an appreciated term to describe the modern lady... but I met a group of chicks from Rainbow (whereever the hell that is) at a gig recently, who were in Melbourne for a chicks night out... they looked like they had one or two drinks between them and were ready to parrrr-tey! They called themselves the "rainbow chicks"...

    ...so I guess if it's chicks you wanna meet... head into the country! That's where I think you'll find many of feathered and human kind :LOL:
  9. +1
    neither is saying "hook up", as it kind of implies overnight only!
  11. Yeah Stewy, chicks get pissed off about all sorts of stuff... Some of them won't even let you get away with a decent morning Browski.
  12. When fishing, you need the right bait and need to fish in the right area.
    Paul nailed it, if you want a bike enthusiast, go to bike events. Go to track events, shows, gatherings, meetings and join a few clubs. Even hang around teh local rider training places (without looing creepy!) :cool:
    Find out if there is a local females bike club up that way, there's one down here in Canberra. I'd be heading straight there if I needed "hooking up".
    As for the bait, be yourself and don't drink heaps when out. No one likes a drunk!

    Regards, Andrew.

  13. Except Shazza down the local meat market pub/club. But who wants shazza? :wink:
  14. Find a female friend first, who is cute/tolerable.

    - and it'll probably progress on it's own.

    BUT: you won't find a girl while you're looking. Stop looking, and one will land in your lap.
  15. Yeah, actually, that's a really good trick! Make a female friend. What sort of friends do females have? Other females!
    I found getting on well with mates' women (not TOO well!) really opened up a whole world of females. And teh bonus is, women gossip a lot, so if you listen carefully, you can find out what each of them is looking for, or which ones are flaky etc. It's kind of like doing market research. :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. :rofl: sorry but I find it funny that someone with your log in name would be offended if they were called a chick :?

    Maybe it's just that Melbournians are more easy going cause I don't really know any females thjat would take offence at being called a chick. :wink:
  17. Do you ever see female riders? If so, then purchase some Netrider cards from the merchandise page and have them handy to hand out and strike up a convo.
  18. You'll be fine as long as everyone knows the rules.
  19. To the "chicks" of NR:

    chicks, chicks, chicks.... chicks, chicks, chicks, chicks, chicks...

    There I said it! :grin: :p

    Chicks is a perfectly good word to use to group females, thats why women use the words guys/hunks/bastards... :LOL:

    Thats what I did at some events, ie the Pink Ribbon last year :)

    It was just to advertise the club... REALLY :shock: !

  20. Those rules are great Ktulu! I've printed them off and will pass them on to a couple of 'friends' tonight :LOL: