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ER-6N/F Reliability & Modifications

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by apeman77, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Hi to all riders and owners but especially ER owners. As i am new to netriders i hope i am doing this correctly. I am currently looking very seriously at purchasing a Kawasaki ER6N and would like to know a bit of info from people who have owned one for a while. There are none in town apart from the one in the shop and it is a little hard getting a straight answer on my question from the bike shop.

    My questions are: What are the ongoing maintaince costs like, have you had any major troubles with it(i'm worried about being new design teething problems) and what if any modifications have you done to improve the bike.

    As i am looking to buy a NEW bike, also if anyone has a suggested bike instead, but ****NO**** Suzuki SV650, road bike, maximum CC's 650, comfortable seating position(tourer/sports style not full sports) and cost on road of around $10000 to $13000. ER6N quoted as $10000 on road, ER6F add $700.

    Eagerly awaiting some help. Cheers Dave
  2. Seany just bought an ER-6F so I'm sure he will be along shortly with some helpfull info :)
  3. No dramas with mine over the last four weeks. The fairing buzz a bit but that's common and a kit of foam bits to stop it is available under waranty. I also had a small oil leak but it was a plug that needed tightening so that was no biggie.

    The engine appears to be bullet proof. Heaps more powerful than the old 500 twin, more modern and smaller dimentions despite its larger capacity. It loves to rev and if it's half as reliable as the 500 was then it should go forever.

    Service intervals after the fist 1000 are at 6000 then every 6000 after that so it's not a constant thing to keep the waranty and not overy expensive.

    Not surprisigly, it was a runner up for Bike of the Year. awasaki give you quite a lot of bang for your buck on this bike.
    The only critisim I have is lack of adjustability in suspension but the bike is very well set up anyway. If you want more features in suspension then get the aftermarket gear they have for track bikes.

    Pipes are plentiful but most likely have to be ordered from OS. If you want a new pipe, I'd also suggest a Power coomander to re-map for max effeciency.

    Any more info? Try here. These guys now the bike well. :)
  4. For what it's worth, I reckon the faired version looks much better than the naked ER-6.

    Especially in black with the metallic red frame. :)
  5. Ive been looking at 600s as well, and the ER is on my short list.

    Another 600 you might wanna weigh up against it is the Yammi FZ6S. Very comfy for upright sitting, but u can lean in when u want.

    "Got it boss. Never trust a Bunny."
    Go Twitchy!! :grin:
  6. Agreed. The naked just looks wrong at the front. The double pod of the speedo housing and headlight mount. Definetly not to my taste.
  7. I like both the FZ6, the ER-6, but also don't rule out the Suzuki GSR600.
  8. the only thing I don't really like about the ER-6 bike is the rear shock. looks like it'll twist the chassis if you hit a bump really hard. looks dodgy to me, but other than that, it would be a nice bike to have. I would get the naked version.
  9. Yes, if you were rear ended by a speeding truck while doing a massive rolling stoppie, it could be a potential issue. :shock:

    Otherwise, I think it's pretty safe though. I have an 1980 NC50 Express with the rear shock to one side. It's taken 5,000,000 times the punishment and bottom outs an ER-6 will ever see and it's perfectly straight still. On top of that it's only built that way to save money. Unlike the ER-6 which has the off centre shock built and engineered into the design, the Express was designed to be dual shock but Honda decided they didn't care. Turned out to be no problem. :wink:
  10. Picked up er6-n yesterday. Black, beautifull so far, loving riding it, like any new toy I guess. Corners easily and quickly, comfy to ride, plenty of go from nothing through to quicker.

    Have not tested it out yet but being a little older with two little rug rats will probably resist the temptation to do that for a while anyway. Where I bought the guy who owns the shop rides a faired model (which is a pretty endorsement I reckon) and says it will hit over 200k pretty easy. I guess he found that out at a track day.

    Anyway so far I love it.
  11. Thanks for the replys so far.

    Seany how are you running the bike in?

    Have you taken it for a long ride eg over 100 klms and if you have is it comfortable over these distances. Same question about comfort to riders of FZ6, GSR600 & Hornet

    I know before poeple tell me that comfort is a personal thing but i would be doing a weekly trip 250 klms return and want to be able to walk at each end.

    The bikes i am considering are obviosly the ER-6N more than the F (just personal taste), Yamaha FZ6N, Suzuki GSR600. Maybe the Hornet 600 if it is released in Aus.

    Currenty i am riding a high powered Yamaha fitted with Paoli usd forks, Brembo brakes and a Leo Vince zx hand made exhaust generating a whole 9kw. Yes that is right 9kw. read it and weap. AeroxR 50 cc. As you can see i am looking for a bike that will be a daily commuter with a weekly long trip and the occaisional fun times :roll: . I know the boys in blue too well(Partner works with them) :LOL: .

    I am looking for a bike with minimal fairing but with the ability to fit a screen, most likely a top box/gearsac and maybe side bags(for long trips/overnighters). From what i have read all of these bikes match these features but would all come down to price/equipment and reliability.

    WOULD I BE BETTER GOING FOR A BIGGER BIKE WITH THESE FEATURES ALREADY FITTED eg tourer/sportsstyle Bmw F800, Ducati ST3, Honda Deauville or such? Only problem is pricing.

    all opinions appreciated
  12. I'm not. It had 3000km on it when I got it.
    I've been known to do 250km for a quick spin after work. It'll be plenty comfy enough for you. :)
  13. Ape -

    Go for a bike that already has some sort of screen. Generally speaking, accessory screens added to purely naked bikes wind up looking like a pig's breakfast, and sometimes functioning just as well.

    I notice there's often discussion of how naked bikes LOOK compared to faired versions - but keep in mind that a fairing/screen is a FUNCTIONAL piece of gear. It can honestly make all the difference in a bike's long range comfort, and can help change the winter commute/tour into an easy run rather than a windblasty nightmare freezefest. Beyond that, it can affect stability and economy.

    In short, lots of good arguments for faired/screened bikes in my opinion.
  14. Theres a genuine screen available from Kawa for the er6-n looks alright in the brochure and on the net. Only like a quarter screen, doesn't look two much like a pretend fairing added as an afterthought. Was thinking of putting one on mine.

    Riding position is a little narrow in the arms for me so I'm thinking of a different set of bars. Maybe the ones from a Z750, as I'm told they are a straight fit for all the mountings, and doo daas.

    Also the mirrors give a great veiw of my arms regardless of how I adjust them, the wider bars might help here or I will probably be looking for different mirrors too.
  15. Have ridden the ER6-F and would say that the motor is sensational but ended up not buying it.

    Instead, I bought the DL650 V-Strom which does use a retuned version of the SV650 motor but with a lot more down low grunt (by comparison).

    It is a bike designed for Road and Trail and I would recommend you look at it, unless you have an aversion to Suzuki (you mention no SV650 but the DL is a totaly different bike).

    The DL can be bought new for $11000 on road and you should get a top box or centrestand and handguards for that price from most dealers.

    The DL is extremely capable in all aspects on the tar ad I found out when first riding my new purchase when me and it left mates well behind leaving Kangaroo Valley and at no time did I feel on the edge. It also allws comfortable dirt riding (ie. Firetrails, gravel roads etc) which opens up a whole new range of touring.

    But, ultimately the choice is yours and the majority of bikes within your price range have been mentioned but I will mention them again.

    ER6-N and ER6-F
    Suzuki GSR600 - nice looking naked
    Suzuki DL650 V-Strom (or WeeStrom as it is known) - cant go wrong there (but I am biased)
    Yamaha FZ6s and FZ6n - both good but IMO looks let it down.
    Ducati Monster 620 and new 695 - good bikes, great motors, good resale, not sure about service costs.
    Hyosung GT/GTS/GTR 650 - depends on what you feelings are but all reports indicate quite a good package

    Ok, thats enough but in all honesty, if you want the ER6 you won't go wrong.

  16. thanks for all the replys. i will do a bit more research and make my decision in the coming month hopefully. cheers
  17. Research be arsed. Go and test ride the bikes you like and buy the one that grabs your heart. :cool: :wink:

    Seriously mate, it's a decision based on emotion, not prices, what you can get with it or whatever stats and magazine articles tell you. When you find the one that you just love because it gives you no other option, you've found your bike. :)
  18. Ducati Monster 695 with some termis hehehe
  19. I think he wanted to know the maintenance schedule and costs associated.
    I wouldn't mind knowing myself. Bike reviews are usually about handling and performance. Not really much on the ongoing costs.
    I ride a 96 model NX650 dominator. Similar to a suzuki V-Strom. Pretty good bike.
    The other day there was a power failure, and no-one could get out of the car park because the boom gates didn't work. So I just mono'd over the gutter, went through a gap in the kopper log fence, and rode off.