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ER-6F rider wins 835km fuel economy run at 3.02L/100km!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by neilcooper, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. 92 Riders tackle bike economy run

    Posted on 23 August 2006 - 09:10 - www.superwheels.co.za

    The 24th annual Motorcycle Economy Run, organised by the Pretoria Motor Club was won in Mpumalanga last weekend by Graham Mephius on an ER 650F with an impressive overall fuel consumption for the 835 km route of 3.02 l/100 km.

    Mephius, a multiple former winner of the event, used less fuel than any other competitor, just 25.41 litres, and won a pit bike sponsored by Elf and painted in the oil company’s familiar colours for his efforts.

    Second overall with a consumption of 3.11 l/100km was motor racing commentator Denver Biggs on an Auto Alpina BMW F650 CS, followed by Auto Alpina team-mate Reg Gurnell who achieved a consumption of 3.38 l/100 km on his BMW 800ST. Fourth was Deon Venter on a Kawasaki ER-6f with a figure of 3.41 l/100 km.

    Full article; http://www.superwheels.co.za/default.asp?id=188588&des=article&scat=superwheels/motorsportnews

    Another article; http://www.motoring.co.za/index.php?fArticleId=3405692&fSectionId=759&fSetId=381

    Info on previous years;

    2005; http://www.wheels24.co.za/Wheels24/Biking_and_Quads/0,,1369-1619_1758442,00.html


    2004; http://www.wheels24.co.za/Wheels24/Biking_and_Quads/0,,1369-1619_1580858,00.html

    2003; http://www.bmwmotorrad.co.za/bikes/news/display.asp?Id=147

    Edit: The ER650F is known as the ER-6F in Europe/Australia/NZ & the Ninja 650R in the US.
  2. the biggest news in that article is that someone, somewhere in the world has managed to buy an F800!
  3. Sounds about as much fun as a tofu-eating contest.
  4. :rofl: Yeah a Fuel economy contest does sound a bit like that doesn't it. I am, however, interested in learning more about the BMW F800. It is on the cards as an upgrade bike depending on further reviews, and the RRP.
  5. I think they are already on sale in Germany - they were supposed to be available 'in the spring' and it's already almost end of summer over there.... BMW German site quotes the price for F800FS as 9 thousand something Euros, so I assume that means they are indeed being sold.

    As for this record, colour me unimpressed. I get 3.3L/100 as a matter of course without even trying... if I beat their 3.02l is somebody going to give me a new bike as well?
  6. I emailed BMW Southbank about 6 weeks ago and they replied with the following - "We are expecting the first of the F800s to arrive here Sept/Oct.
    They are pre selling the F800S for $14,500 + orc and the F800ST for $15,750 +orc.
  7. Thanks for that. It definately seems like quite a nice price, considering the initial GREAT write-up that AMCN have given it.
  8. It does seem quite competitive. Actually the price of cheapest F800 is the same as Yamaha's TDM which I think would be its closest competitor... and I think in that case I'd rather have a BMW.
    Just remember these on-road costs add over a thousand bucks to the base price.
  9. Ive read a couple of other reviews one in Two Wheels earlier in the year and the other was in a UK mag.. cant remember which.. All the reviews have been excellent.. Looks like it will be a very solid allrounder and should be a good seller for BMW.

    Cant wait for the naked model to arrive (mid next year)..
  10. I s'pose the difference is that they are measuring consumption with an accuracy to the nearest millilitre. You just pulling up to the pump and dividing the amount of fuel you put in to 'fill it up' by the number of k's since last fillup & multiplying by 100 to get your approx L/100km figure isn't going to be anywhere near as accurate.

    I also don't think there is a 250 cc class available in this contest. Gotta be some sort of cutoff I s'pose or you might have bloody scooters trying to enter. :p
  11. Well judging by the number of contestants who come back and contest this event in multiple years and the number of contestants that get penalised 500mL of fuel when they don't reach control points on time (i.e. there is a speed element involved) maybe you're being just a tad too cynical.


    Anyway, it seems the majority here aren't interested in fuel consumption.
    I never was either, it's only fairly recently with the gargantuan leaps in the price of oil with much worse it seems on the horizon, that I have become more interested in this issue.
  12. Guess what bike won the 2006 stunt wars and the famous Christian Pfeiffer now rides as his 2006 stunt bike.....that's right, it's the one and only BMW F800S!!!
  13. This was held in Africa right? Where was the F800 launch again? South Africa?

    Methinks the bike used may be the one and the same. ;)
  14. Correct. It was held in South Africa.

    There were quite a few F800's in the contest though.
  15. Probably just the left-over press launch/review fleet. :p
  16. Bloody cynic. :grin:

    From what I've read of past years & this year the competitors own the bikes they use in the event.
  17. Price and fuel consumption will tend to offset the unconventional look of the ER-6N. I know ER-6F was used in the test but ER-6N uses the same engine as ER-6F.
  18. So how does one ride one's bike to achieve consumption figures like that while making time deadlines?

    What sort of mods to they make?
  19. Unmodified.

    I'm glad you agree that the consumption figures are impressive, cb250goespop thought they weren't.

    Anyway I s'pose the first key is choosing a bike that is already well known to have great fuel economy, like the ER-6F, the F650CS, & the F800.
  20. i think you need to beat 1.5l/100km as your bikes engine is less than half the 650f's capacity. :wink: