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er-6f mods - exhaust/rear hugger?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by supagu, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. right, i wanna get a bit more kick out of my er-6f, apparently getting a custom exhaust can do this (i really know nothing about vehicle mechanics)
    so where should i look? how can i found out how much extra juice i'll get, the volume levels and the costs?

    also looking for rear huggers for the back wheel, to help keep dirt out of the back of the bike. Where can i find these?

    I'm based in Adelaide so local places would be nice :)

    also if i get these fitted, will the kawa dealer be okay with these mods when i take er in for a service?
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  3. Can any one tell me whats involved with putting on one of these exhausts?
    Will i need to change tuning of my bike? does the catalytic converter under the bike also need to be removed etc...

    also whats involved in putting on a rear hugger?
  4. Okay the factory exhaust is a small one, extractors 2into1 merge at the bottom with the Cat and exhaust muffler in one. This hole unit comes off when replacing it, there are 2 bolts holding brackets above and one bolt at the bottom on the clamp to the extractors, right next to oil drain plug.

    I took mine off and its damn heavy, when you purchase a slip-on it will replace it completely. The tune will be fine so dont touch it although for more power you can fork out for a Power Commander or other.
  5. i like the look and sound of the jardine gp1, any one got one of these? apparently they are loud. I want something louder than stock but not overly loud. Can these be silenced somehow a little if its over the top loud?
  6. Did you read my post?? Go forth.
  7. i did, you pointed me to a useful website but im not seeing how it relates to the loudness question?
  8. A dozen or so owners on this site vs. thousands on 650 org, makes more sense to ask them, or more likely just run a search there as 90% of there posts are about exhausts :LOL:

    Look for ones with a removable silencer if you're concerned about that.
  9. Yep i agree, Ninja650r forums have everything.
    As for Jardine GP exhausts, if it is like the other models for GSXR's etc they come with a silencer that goes inside. Maybe YouTube has vids of er-6s/650r's with jardines.
    Do some searching and reading and you'll have your answer.