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er-6f/er-6n feedback

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by New Rider, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone I'm a newish rider and am doing my q ride exam on monday. I'm looking at the er-6f or er-6n and wonder if anyone has had experience with them. I've read that they're a great bike for the novice and also those experienced still enjoy them a lot. Any feedback, good or bad would be appreciated muchly. :)

  2. i bought mine 6 months ago as my first bike and im still impressed. the bike is damn near idiot proof only goes as hard as you want it to doesnt surge or anything like that. also the brakes are good too, well the front ones anyway. 2 things i didnt like were, the rear brake is pretty useless which led to me locking it up in the wet a couple of times (even when blipping the throttle correctly) and the tyres that come out on it aren t that great apart from that i love it. 1 of the guys that posts here did an awesome review which led to me buying it you should do a search for it, its a good read.
  3. as they're such new bikes there isn't much feedback out there about them, take them for a long testride and let us know how you find them. :grin:
  4. err, rear wheel lockups caused by the rear brake, or not blipping the throttle when downshifting, are two completely different things.
  5. Have a look at this:

    The technical term is in first para.
  6. I had a sit on the 6n, I loved the feeling. Very compact bike, feels light, pleasantly low seat ... but I find it hard to get past the ugliness that is the front light. I'm not that keen on its instrument pod either (I don't like digital displays).

    This made me interested in 6f, which is the same bike except just these two details - addition of fairing meant different, more conventional but prettier (IMO) light, and a different instrument pod - again, more conventional perhaps but as far as I'm concerned far more readable.
    But then I read some 6f's can suffer from very annoying buzzing from the fairing!
  8. Hi, I have just bought the ER-6f and I love it, there is nothing about it I dislike.
  9. I have a quick question regarding both the f and n models.. do either of them have a fuel guage?

    Im pretty sure the f model doesnt, but im not sure what all the functions are on the digital display of the n model.
  10. I took the n for a ride a few months back. Very nice ride for a two cylinder with smooth power delivery through the revs. Makes it a good beginners bike IMO. Very narrow bike as well, I assume due to the smaller engine.

    From memory most of the parts like suspension, brakes etc are all entry level, and this is where the bike is aimed so no surprses there.

    I agree that the faired model looks heaps better, just look out for a small vibration issue in the plastics. The dealer told me though they are providing a small kit (not much more than double sided tape) to fix this
  11. Hi Digger

    I have the f and no there is no fuel guage and there is no reserve either however a fuel light comes on and the letters FUEL flash across the adometer (I think that is the right word) It has only happened to me once and when I filled up It still had about 3 1/2 litres in it. Mind you I ran out of petrol on my last bike (first time ever in my life) and it had a fuel guage.

    I love my er-6f it looks great and it feels great I am just getting ready to go for a ride now :)
  12. Thanks Kanyon.

    What sort of range do you get from a tank of fuel?
  13. Hi Digger

    I think that particular time I had done about 230klm and there was still 3 1/2 ltrs in the tank. I have only done just under 700 klms all up as I havent had much time for ridding lately and I havent been monitoring the fuel consuption. I think the tank is about 15 1/2 ltr tank and everyone tells me that you use more when the bike is new and as it wears in it starts to use less.

    I hope this has helped you


    I cant wait til Saturday to get out there and go for another ride, it is just so addictive.