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  1. Hello all,

    I am going to have a look at an ER-5 this weekend, it is the 2005 model, it has over 30k on the clock and has some cosmetic damage from a static fall. I have read the stickies about buying my first bike etc. but my question is are there any particular things to look out for on a bike like this? Any known issues to be aware of. The cosmetic damage is probably par for the course for a bike that is popular for people to do their 'L' and 'Ps' on.

    I have had a look at a few bikes already but what I have decided is to get something cheap and cheerful to get me around and then trade up when confidence & experience increases. After all it's my first bike not my last bike ;-) . Any pointers and advice would be much appreciated.



  2. What's it up for Conor?
  3. Everyone will have a different point of view, but as a rule of thumb look at the rider and talk to him/her. If he sounds like a toss-pot chances are they have thrashed it. Other than that, look out for tank damage, handlebars (if it's been dropped the handlebars will have tell-tale signs on them), damage on the engine/around the engine and as always the service history. If he doesn't let you test ride it walk away.
  4. @lionz, $3,100

    @MotorBoat_MyGoat, Thanks for the advice, on the phone he sounded pretty dead on. He had the bike as his lams and now he is upgrading. I have arranged to meet him at my work so I can take it for a spin, he had no issue with that. Only issue with that is I won't be able to cold start if he comes over to meet me.

    Thanks for the reply's.
  5. Don't think a cold start should be much of a problem, id be worrying about gears. Make sure to put it in a high gear, don't rely on just the low gears.
  6. No worries, I will make sure to get it up and down through the gears. Another question is do I need to have get a road worthy cert if the bike already has rego? Or does a road worthy affect bikes at all?
  7. if it's registered it's got a RWC.
  8. The good news is these were not bought by go-fast boys.
    Check service history.
    Have a look at the oil on the dipstick.
    Check condition of brake discs and pads.
    Put it on the centrestand. Get someone to weight the back, grasp the lower fork legs and try to waggle back and forth. Any play says new steering head bearing required.
    Similarly with the back wheel off the ground check for side to side swingarm play. There should be none.
    While on the stand (centrestands are useful) eyeball or stringline the wheels to check for bent frame.
    That's just a few things to get started before you even get the engine running.
  9. Thanks Al, that is good advice. I was speaking to the guy last night about service history. He said he does not have a history but he maintains it himself. Also he is fitting new battery, plugs etc before I get it. Should the fact there is no Service History be ringing alarm bells?
  10. I know this is an old thread but I may be looking at getting one soon and I figure it may be better than starting a new thread,
    Did you end up buying your one? if so, how has it been for you thus far?
  11. Hi I did buy it, was a pretty good bike to ride. Used it as a commuter. Had a few issues with it and traded it in against my CBR500R. There is not a whole lot to say about them, pretty standard bike tbh. Very comfortable to ride long distances, and very easy to work on. I have the Haynes manual for it if you are interested. Have you any specific questions about the ER-5?
  12. Not really,
    Just very early stages of looking at one, Also considering the GS500 now
    Biggest + was it being up for sale at $2500
  13. I have ridden a GS500 a few times also. Very similar bikes, 500cc, Carbureted, naked, Parallel twin. The ER is water cooled and the GS is Air cooled. So in theory less to go wrong with the GS. I found that there was little more legroom on the ER tho. $2500 sounds like a bargin, check the head stem baring if it has been sitting long, as well as all the usual mentioned above. ER-5 is a great run about, I would recommend.
  14. Cheers
    Thanks for the input, ER5 is an inline 4 yes?
    Does that mean a better sound?
    the seller sounds like they've only just decided to get rid of it as they are upgrading to an unrestricted bike
  15. No ER-5 is a parallel twin. CB400 and the FZ6R are inline 4 Lams bikes and yes the inline 4's do, in my opinion make a better sound. :)
  16. lol damn, my mate loves the old inline 4's and I was going to show him
    HmmmmI I can't afford the cb400 or fz6r
  17. CBR250RR is a Lams inline 4, but they are on in years now or a zx-2r also old bikes. But they sound like f1 cars when reved up :)
  18. yea, had an MC19 ages ago
    nice but getting too old so I wanted efi, now I'm wanting an older bike again lol
  19. It is a serious addiction this motorcycle thing. Constantly needs feeding :) Best of luck with the search, let me know what you pick up!
  20. Cheers mate, thanks for the input - appreciate it =]