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er-5 Brake problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by FMMacca, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hi bike gurus,

    I recently bought a Kawa er-5 and after getting more confident with the bike and started braking harder i found that the bike would shudder under brakes?!

    I've changed the rotor and brake pad which seems to have helped it but not fixed it!

    I've had the wheel and rotor on a machine to test to see if the new rotor or rim is warped but only found the rotor be out by less than half a millimeter which im sure isnt enough to cause these problems.

    I've checked the bearings in the wheel, they are a little bit notchy but not too bad and have done the test where you let the folks drop to each side to test the steering bearings and they seem to be fine as well.

    I have run out of ideas as to what it could be, any thoughts??????


  2. One thing you missed the tyre :wink:
  3. How can the tyre cause these problems?
  4. First thing you should be checking is tyre pressure - flat tyres tend not to be very round ;).
    Old tyres could also be a problem if the rubber's not as soft and flexible as it should be.
  5. Re-Check the steering head bearings as well.

    Put the bike on the centre stand. Go around to the front of the bike. Grab the front wheel and lift the front up just off the ground.

    Now with front wheel in hand pull back and fowards on the wheel. If you feel any movement, the steering head bearings might need replacing.

    Also move the wheel from side to side as well and feel if there rough spot on the movement. this too can indicate worn steering head bearings. By righst as the bile is a let model you should not have a problem with these bearings just yet.

    Also you may want to get the fork oil changed to one that suits your weight and riding style.
  6. Vibes

    A movement of .5 mm will cause brake shudder. Check both bolt up surfaces on the wheel & disc are clean & free of paint or rust as this can make a disc run out of true.
    Bearings should run smooth with no notchy feeling at all. Get the number from your original bearings & get replacements from a bearing service as they'll be a lot cheaper than OEM.
    Any feeling of movement you can spot by turning things by hand is greatly increased at speed when on the road with the weight of the bike.