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ER-5 Aftermarket exhaust system

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ZX-5R, May 2, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Anybody know if there are any available in australia, the only one im aware of is a nexus system from the UK, All the Aftermarket pipes for the GPZ500s (or ex500) fit with small modifications but they arent available in australia either

  2. I know that seany was looking for one for a long while. His search ended with the fact that StoneTune (Spelling?) have one in development that will be ready for market in coming months.

    If you PM him, im sure he wil be happy to pass on more details.

  3. If you are in Melbourne, go to Megacycle.
    They will make one custom for your bike probably cheaper than anything you will find.

  4. As Egiste said, as far as I'm aware there is not yet anything available of the shelf for the ER-5. I've looked extensively and nothing's turned up. Staintune do have one in development and shoould be ready in the near future. I've got no idea what it'll cost though.
  5. Hi Seany, thanks for the info. I have found 1 in the UK by motad its 207 pounds (about $500) not including shipping to australia, I will try and find if there is a motad dealer in australia.

  6. :-k Interesting. Let me know your thoughts when it goes on the bike re performance and volume. If it's noisey as hell I want one too. :twisted: :LOL:
  7. Just checked starcycle.com and they have Remus Grand Prix for ER-5:

    97-00 ER-5
    GRAND PRIX ALUM RACE MUFFLER 3103 100054 $269
    GRAND PRIX TI RACE MUFFLER 3103 100054T $360

  8. That looks ok too. Plus $349 for the header. I'm assuming this is american $$ though so it could get pricey depending on the exchange rate. I think I'll hold out to see what Staintune come up with.
  9. from ebay USA you can get a muzzy or D&D exhaust for the ex500 (gpz500s) this will fit straight onto the er5 engine and I have been told by the guys from www.ex500riders.com that it is obnoxiously loud. you may need to alter the bracket at the back that it hangs on but because its designed to go to the rear footpeg on the ex500/gpz500

    around us$400 delivered (includes header) thats about aud$540
  10. It's a parallel twin... It's always going to sound shit and is never going to be powerful. Why bother?
    Just buy a faster and/or louder bike if that's what you desire.
  11. LOL I was going to post the exact same thing... I personaly have had nothing built by them but just about all my mates have... and I have to say they are very good...