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equipment recommendations

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by WeeBubba, May 12, 2010.

  1. hi there

    im just in the process of buying my first bike. can anyone recommend a place in sydney to get leathers, gloves, boots, bike lock etc. at a reasonable price. also second hand stuff would be even better as im on a tight budget.

    how do i know what type of bike lock is best etc.? (sorry im a total noob)

    i live in the nrthrn beaches area

  2. I'm a fairly new rider too and didn't bother with a bike lock though maybe I'm blessed because while at home/work my bike is always garaged.

    Get at least 3rd party insurance on it.
  3. It all depends on what you want to spend. I got all my gear from MCAS at Auburn, who usually have reasonable prices and a "sale" area worth checking out.

    My normal advise is never to try and save on your gear as it is the only thing standing between you and the road/environment but I may have a bigger budget than other people.

    Lock wise, didn't get one for my first (cheap) bike. Figured the steering lock was enough and I can park secure at home and in the parking garage at work. For my second (good) bike I bought a disk lock which locks into the front brake disk. Nice, bright yellow one with a bright orange cord hooked to my bar. I think it cost me $ 40 at MCAS. It looks unbreakable and has a great scare off effect.

    Also try and find a lock that is easy to take with you on the bike. Depending on the type of bike it may or may not have any storage for the lock. Mine only has limited storage.

    Good luck!
  4. Not Sydney based so I can't recommend anywhere.

    As far as locks go, a mediocre lock that is used is better than a super dooper one that isn't, so priorities are that it's easy to use and easy to carry. My DR650 (a bike that I note you're looking at) has very little onboard storage so I use a small disc lock which just fits in the tubular underseat thingy that houses the toolkit. There's no room for a reminder cord though, so I've clonked the lock on the swingarm or caliper a couple of times trying to wheel the bike around with it on. It won't stop the larcenous from lifting the bike into a van either, but maybe that's a Pom thing.
  5. For gear I would recommend just going into any big store, trying on all their stuff to find out your size, ask lots of advice, then go home and buy it all off ebay.

    I just kitted myself out with new gear (alpinestars leather jacket and boots, draggin cargos), I got it all off ebay and saved a bundle.
  6. I'd say that Ohmigosh has given you links to all the places to check out, I know I went over to MCAS at Auburn and grabbed my jacket from their marked down section. Which brings me to the next point, prices. You'll find that when it comes to the brand names that there will be very little difference between one place and another so to get a discount you may want to work what you want and get it all from one place as that may be the key to getting looked after.
    Locks. Personally I'd lean towards Kryptonite but you'll find that if you were to search a few topics and read a lot of posts nothing compares to an insurance policy.
  7. Just a word of advice go into a motorcycle gear shop just try on a few Jackets from the different manufacturers, there is differences in sizes, like some companies 2XL would be equivelant of another companies L etc. This way you will get a good idea between brands then go hunting on ebay.

    Also invest in some quality gloves, i bought some cheap ones they lasted me 2 weeks before the stiching came undone and basically fell apart from general riding, so imagine if i had a fall and was hoping for the gloves to protect my hands.
    So buy the $100+ pai once that will last you a year or 2 instead of the cheaper ones which will end up costing the same due to replacement and dont offer as good protection.

    Also IMO a Lock is useless, it basically does what your sterring lock can do, and for professional bike thieves, they would either have the equipment to cut the disc lock or have a trailer to lift the bike.
    I got 3rd party+ fire and theft insurance instead for a total of 140$ from AAMI.
  8. Wrong.

    It won't stop a pro (nothing much will), but it'll certainly put off kids, joyriders and people who think they have the right to move bikes without permission.

    Steering locks can be broken, with no tools, in a matter of seconds. A decent secondary lock takes significantly more stuffing around to defeat it and will encourage those so inclined to move on from my locked bike to your unsecured bike. I know this because I've seen the scenario on at least four separate occasions.

    Selfish of me I know, but you've got insurance, right?
  9. Welcome to Netrider!

    Can't help you out with any places, but I will say DO NOT buy a second hand helmet!

    There's no way of telling if it's still intact, not worth the risk.

    Everything else should be fine though, eBay is great if you know what you're looking for.
  10. hi all

    thanks for the recommendations. i finally bit the bullet and bought a GS500 new (09 model). goin with my mate tomorrow to pick it up. will try on the different leathers whilst im there and then check out the prices on ebay afterwards to see if i can get a bargain. might get the helmet from a shop retail though just to be sure.

    havent got my pre learner course until next weekend so i cant actually ride the thing for a week yet :( luckily my mate rides motorbikes so hes bringing it back tomorrow

    feeling very excited right now. :dance:
  11. MCAS at Auburn is awesome but a little far. It took me about an hour to get there from Mona Vale so YMMV

    Huge shop, every kind of motorbike related thing you could think of. You might want to go to the one in the City though, I only went to Auburn because it's open on Sundays but the one in the City isn't. I'm an impatient bastard and wanted my leathers NOW :D