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Equal law application?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by munecito, May 1, 2007.

  1. This morning when I was coming to work I was riding on Argyle St. The Rocks when I noticed this:


    I just snapped the picture but didn't have time to go back and get the rego. I have already sent the picture to the council. But I know they won't do anything.

    So that is what the rangers do, they stop on a bus zone and go and book people for ilegal parking and overstay.

    What a great example we are getting from the rules enforcers.

  2. This sort of activity has been reported on before (both of the scaremongering, sensationalist, shite "current affairs" programs have even done it).

    We COULD discuss the legality, or moral implications of councils actions, but the reality is very simple: they won't book themselves.

  3. They make the rules, they break 'em.

    Fact of life: Councils, in order to generate more revenue, will make laws that make people's lives difficult, and then employ people to enforce those laws to ensure the increased revenue which was their objective in the first place.

    One can see the strong similarities between this behavior, and the stand-over tactics employed by the less savory characters in society, except rather than employing physical pain, councils can employ pressure like having your license suspended, or ultimately jail time.

    A council worker who books themselves while on council duty will only result in the fine being paid by the council treasurer back to the council treasurer. They are under no obligations to be seen to be doing the right thing themselves so long as they are doing their job of generating revenue.

    If you were to hit that car with your own - are you at fault if the other vehicle is illegally parked?

    IE, if I were to purchase a shitbox and name it "The SupaMegaVigilanteMobile"...
  5. I reckon you'd find that just as with Police, they have an exemption from certain rules and are allowed to park wherever they want. In which case "The SupaMegaVigilanteMobile" would be at fault.
  6. Fair nuff... how about any normal car though - if a car is illegally parked is the owner liable for any accident that results?

    ... or are you at least not liable for damage to their vehicle?
  7. I approached our council in regards to a ranger at our school , booking people parking near the crossing .
    There are 3 diabled spots and he was parked in one of them.
    The council stated that it is not a blatent diregard for the law but a safety issue.
    Due to the number of assults and incedents they have told rangers etc to park as close to the area in whcich they are operating for that reason so they can then get back to the car and ring the police .
    They see it as a safety issue.
  8. :rofl:

  9. Unfortunately City of Sydney can't do anything about that one - The Rocks is controlled by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (a NSW Govt agency).

    Send your picture to:

  10. Usually, there are exemptions for such things as this. eg. here in Victoria, speed camera cars can park on median strips where normal cars cannot park. They've legislated changes in laws of physics where a normal car can present a hazard to other traffic, somehow the speed camera car or cop car defeats this.

    Sort of like when they deemed radar guns to be "scientific instruments" and hence, free from errors and thus their evidence as admitted in court is irrefutable. I think they used the term "prima facie". What it meant that you couldn't challenge the radar gun's evidence.

    We've since seen that the various speed detection technologies can be somewhat flawed.
  11. Hello.

    Someone from City of Sydney replied my email and referred me to SHFA. I already sent the picture to them. Awaiting for reply.

  12. Worth noting that Australia is only one of very few countries to have actually classified radars in this manner.

    This, despite the public in the past having obtained records from static camera through freedom of information that show the camera's registering speeds anywhere from 10kph on a freely flowing freeway, to 900kph. The authorities just pick and choose which numbers are "scientifically accurate" and discard the rest as "noise", but not formally acknowledging that errors have taken place and the camera is therefore not infallible.

    One often wonders why someone hasn't subpeonaed records for static cameras and challenged the legal notion that they are scientifically accurate.
  13. Can't you ring the council/police and get the vehicle towed? I know I'd certainly try - but no doubt it would be a waste of time.

    Hell, it's not like any of our law enforcement actually have to obey the rules themselves. That's just crazy talk. :roll:
  14. book em

    I know in Vic the police will book the council car for ya but that's because they'll book the coppers.
    :LOL: all about the payback
  15. firstly, the police dont book people for parking infringements. thats the councils responsibility.

    second, every councils by-laws i've come across has a section in it which states "council vehicles are exempt from parking restrictions" or words to that effect. They can park wherever they want, as long as its council land.
  16. Police can and do book cars for parking infringements.
    Maybe in WA it doesn't but here in Vic it's been happening since cars were on the road.
  17. If you hit an illegally parked car then you have hit a car.

    Guess whose fault it is?

    You might get some % back in court if their were really extenuating circumctances. A friend hit a parked car on a backstreet on a rainy night in winter. It was under a streetlight that was out and was squarly in the middle of the road. It was also black. He hit it up the back on the left quarter. Which photographs and road measuements proved. The other person lied and said the vehicle was parked at the curb and seriously annoyed the magistrate cos the measurements proved this had to be a lie. And the magistrate said each could pay their own damage. But you can see how rare a result that is.
  18. Especially in Clearways. THere's a bike cop who regularly patrols Lygon Street and Sydney Road who happily books cars parked in the Clearway - I think it's the one time most people are happy to see him. :LOL: